TS-Optics Vixen EQ5 Level dovetail bar - length 267 mm - to build a double attachment

The dovetail bar is ideal for building a double mount.

♦ Length: 267mm

♦ 2 holes each for hexagon socket screws - distance 115 mm from center and 25 mm from each other for fixing suitable dovetail clamps

♦ 3 M6 female threads and 2 M6 Allen screw holes in the center of the dovetail bar

♦ The rail is very solid with a thickness of 15mm to avoid vibrations

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TS-Optics Vixen EQ5 level dovetail bar with flat contact surface

The dovetail bar is very solid and supports even heavy telescopes without vibration. Many auxiliary holes and threads allow versatile use. We recommend the rail especially for the construction of a double attachment (dual mount).

♦ Solid 15mm thick solid aluminum material - prevents vibrations

♦ No sharp edges to cut yourself on

The PS-VC4 Dovetail Bar fits the following mounts, among others:

♦ Vixen GP and SX mounts

♦ Skywatcher EQ3 to EQ5 and H-EQ5

♦ Various Vixen style dovetail clamps


Suitable for: Vixen style quick coupling
Length: 267 mm
Thickness: 15 mm

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