TS-Optics Vixen-EQ5 Level Dovetail Bar - L-335mm - Profile Construction

Light and flexible dovetail bar with slotted holes, countersunk holes and 1/4" photo thread.

♦ Suitable for adapting telescopes and photographic lenses to GP-EQ5 style quick coupler mounts and dovetail clamps

♦ Also suitable for photo tripods, tilt heads and ball heads via the 1/4" photo thread in the middle

♦ Two slotted holes and four countersunk holes suitable for 1/4" or M6 screws.

♦ Dovetail Bar Length: 335mm

♦ Dovetail bar thickness: 14mm (profile design)

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Dovetail bar photo TS EQ5 level with slot and thread photo

The GSPS335 Dovetail Bar allows for the adaptation of spotting scopes and spotting scopes to mounts with GP style quick couplers as well as suitable dovetail clamps. It is one of the most versatile splints offered by Teleskop Service.

The profile construction reduces weight and also vibrations. The special shape of the surface allows the connection of flat surfaces (tube clamps and top plates), but also round surfaces (telescopic tubes).

The prismatic rail is particularly flexible:

The rail has a slot with a length of 100 mm on both sides. This allows the distance between the tube clamps to be varied between 70 mm and 270 mm. Four countersunk holes expand the possible variations. The holes are suitable for M6 and 1/4" screws. The thread length of hexagon socket screws should be 13mm.

The dovetail bar also fits photographic tripods and panoramic heads:

The rail has a 1/4" female photo thread right in the middle. This means the rail will fit on photo tripods and tilt heads. You can also use it to attach your telescope or spotting scope to a photo tripod. The example is heavy on the upper part. .


Style: Vixen GP / EQ5 style
Length: 335 mm
Thickness: 14 mm - profile design
Length of the slotted holes: 100 mm each
Slotted holes and countersunk holes suitable for: M6 and 1/4" hex socket head screws
Female thread: 1/4" thread (female) in the middle
Material: Aluminium

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