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ZWO EAF motorized focus system with 5V USB power + manual controller and sensor

ZWO motorized focus enables precise motorized focusing of your telescope for astrophotography and observing

♦ New power supply via USB - also works via PC or ASIAIR

♦ The advanced version of the EAF includes the standard version, the temperature sensor and the manual control box for autonomous work without a computer or smartphone

♦ Can easily move up to 5 kg

♦ ASCOM, ASIAIR and INDI are supported

♦ ZWO EAF works with any capture software

♦ Control the focus via smartphone or tablet, but also via the supplied handbox

♦ With a versatile connection plate for all common focusers, eg from TS-Optics, Astro Tech, Feather Touch...

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ZWO 5V EAF motorized focuser with USB connection

This motorized focuser allows precise focusing. Remote control can also be done via smartphone or tablet because the EAF supports ASIAIR and ASCOM. It can also be controlled via a PC or laptop.

This advanced version also has a handy box for on-site control. Important: The plug must be firmly inserted, otherwise there will be no contact!

A temperature sensor can also be found in the advanced version, which can be used in conjunction with appropriate software to compensate for focus drift when temperature changes.

Flexible adapter plate allows motor focus to attach to TS Optics, SharpStar, Astro Tech, Starlight Feather Touch telescopes and many more.

The main change to the 5V EAF is that the 12V power supply connector has been removed. Now you can connect the EAF directly to your camera, laptop or ASIAIR PRO via the USB 2.0 port and cable for power and data transfer. This makes cable management much easier.


ZWO is constantly expanding the list of focusers that are directly compatible with EAF motor focus. Here is the link to the extract list on the ZWO website: List of ZWO EAF Compatible Focusers and Connection Methods

The EAF motor spotlight also fits the following TS-Optics items, possibly with suitably large washers:


Important note

The manufacturer specifies an operating temperature range of -5 to +50 °C. In winter it makes sense to use heating sleeves. Two suitable models are linked in the accessories section below.

manufacturer's instructions

ZWO provides instructions in English, you can download the PDF here.


Dimensions: 59x52x41 mm
Motor: Stepper motor - 5760 steps
Power supply: 5 V via USB
Data output: USB2.0 port
Weight: 277 gram
Load capacity: Up to 5 kg
Operational temperature: -5 °C ... +50 °C
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