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TS Optics riser spacer for Starlight FTF3215B-A - length 32 mm

The spacer sits between the base of the tube and the focuser and increases the distance to the tube by 32mm.

♦ Suitable for the basic adapter A32-3203-1 for TRUE FTF3215B-A and TRUE FTF3235B-A Starlight Feather Touch focusers

♦ Elevator prevents the extraction tube from protruding into the Newton tube

♦ The upright is easy to mount: it is simply screwed into the connection thread M120x1.

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TS Optics spacer for TRUE FTF32.. focusers - length 32 mm

The riser extends the distance between the focuser and the tube by 32mm or 1.25". This riser is particularly important for Newtonian telescopes, because otherwise the focuser tube would protrude too far into the tube and cause shadows.

The upright has the connection thread M120x1 on both sides. Multiple risers can be bolted together to achieve the optimal spacing.


Telescope side connection: M120x1 mm thread, male
Focuser side connection: M120x1 mm thread, female
Length: 32 mm

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