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TS-Optics Newtonian base for Starlight FTF TRUE 3" focuser - tube D-356-420 mm

The base allows the FTF3215B-A 3" TRUE-3.0 Feather Touch Focuser to be attached to Newtonian telescopes with a tube diameter of 356mm to 420mm.

♦ The base is optimized for tubes with a diameter of 358 mm, such as the TS ONTC 12" and 14" Newtonian telescopes. However, it can be used for tubes from 356mm to 420mm.

♦ The base has internal thread M120x1

♦ Base fits directly onto Rotation Adapter A32-3203-1

♦ Plate dimensions: 130 x 130 mm

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TS-Optics curved base for all 3" TRUE Feather Touch focusers

The base allows the 3" Feather Touch FTF 32*** focuser to be adapted to Newtonian tubes with an outside diameter of 356mm to 420mm. For Newtonian telescopes we recommend the shorter 3" Starlight FTF3215B-A focuser. Rotation adapter A32-3203-1 is also required.

Due to a special shape of the contact surface, the base always adapts optimally to the curvature of the tube. Tilt is not possible. The large contact surface also ensures stability and prevents the tube from deforming.


Dimensions: 130 x 130 mm
Connection: M120x1 thread, female

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