External battery Omegon 10k 37Wh 12V

Omegon Powerbank 10k - Portable power supply for small GoTo telescopes!

One of the main advantages of most small high-azimuth GoTo mounts is that they are easy to transport. However, mobility is noticeably limited when you have to carry a heavy battery with you. These massive power reserves are often oversized for the small telescope. Until now, the only alternative was to operate the mount on batteries. The telescope then becomes a real battery eater.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The economical and compact Powerbank 10k from Omegon protects the environment and your pocket! It is light as a feather and does not restrict your mobility. Cumbersome fiddling with the battery compartment is also a thing of the past: the Powerbank 10k only has to be plugged into the 12V input on the mount.

A lithium-ion battery with a capacity (native, @3.7V) of 10,000 mAh is installed in the power bank. This corresponds to 37Wh, or 3Ah at 12V. A small mount can work for about 4-6 hours.

Built-in short circuit, overcharge, deep discharge, and overcharge protections not only protect the power bank itself, but also the connected telescope.

12V plug (5.5 x 2.1 center positive) fits most mounts.  The Omegon Powerbank 10k can be used for small azimuth GoTo mounts. For, among others:

Skywatcher AZ-S

Skywatcher Star Discovery

Skywatcher AZ GTi

Skywatcher AZ GTe

Skywatcher Solarquest AZ

Skywatcher A-Z Merlin

Orion IV Star Finder

Celestron Nextstar SLT

Celestron Nextstar GT

Celestron Nextstar SEi

Celestron LCM

Celestron SkyProdigy

Omegon Push+

Omega Push+ mini



Capacidad 3 (@12V, 37Wh)
Tensión de salida 12 (5.5 x 2.1 center positive)
Amperaje (A) max. 1,5
Temperatura de operación  -20° - +50°
Tensión de entrada 5 (USB)


Indicador de carga de batería
Protección contra descarga excesiva
Protegido contra cortacircuito
Protegido contra sobrecarga


Fuente energética no

En general

Medidas exteriores longitud x anchura x altura (mm) 135 x 68 x 15
Material exterior Materia plástica
Tipo Fuente de alimentación 
Tipo de construcción Batería 
Color negro
Peso (g) 200

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