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Omegon universal power supply 12V / 6A cigarette lighter plug

Omegon HighPower Power Supply for Follow Motor, GoTo Telescope and CCD Camera

Every telescope with electronic components needs a power supply. When batteries fail in the long term, the solution is a suitable power supply. With Omegon's 12V power supply, you can operate motorized tracking scopes or GoTo systems with up to 6 amps of power.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Power supply with 12 V and 6 amps: enough power for all commercial telescopes

Tested with demanding mounts like EQ-6R and Celestron CGX

Cigarette Lighter Plug - For easy connection to most cradles on the market

Input voltage 220V, output voltage 12V, power 72W

The Omegon 12V Power Supply is a true all-rounder that you can use for your telescopes. Because there's enough power in 6 amps of power, even for large goto telescopes or an extra camera for astrophotography.

Suitable for:


CCD cameras

Heat bands and heated spray shields

FITS ALMOST ANYWHERE: Cigarette Lighter Cord Plug

A power cord with the familiar cigarette lighter plug is included with a number of telescopes. Your new power supply is based on this "standard". So you can use it directly with your telescope.

scope of delivery:

power adapter

Power cable, 140 cm long, European plug



Tensión de entrada 220
Tensión de salida 12
Amperaje (A) 6
Longitud de cable (m) 1,4
Conexión Toma de corriente para mechero
Conexión (extremo opuesto)  Eurostecker
Capacidad 72

En general

Color negro
Longitud (mm) 125
Anchura (mm) 50
Altura (mm) 30
Peso (g) 282

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