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Omegon 5V - 12V converter cable

The 5-12V converter cable turns a USB power bank into a small telescope companion: with this cable, the 5V that is usual for USB is converted into the 12V required for telescopes.

Make sure to plug the cable into a (min) 2A USB socket. So there is 600mA available at the 12V plug. The cable is 80 cm long, for flexible placement of the power bank on your telescope.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Note: At 600mA this cable is only suitable for small GoTo mounts! A normal USB power bank only lasts a few hours, even with a small telescope. The required USB external battery is not included in the scope of supply!

12V plug (5.5 x 2.1 center positive) fits most mounts.

The cable is suitable, for example, for the following small supports:

Skywatcher AZ-S

Skywatcher Star Discovery

Skywatcher AZ GTi

Skywatcher AZ GTe

Skywatcher Solarquest AZ

Skywatcher A-Z Merlin

Orion IV Star Finder

Celestron Nextstar SLT

Celestron Nextstar GT

Celestron Nextstar SEi

Celestron LCM

Celestron SkyProdigy

Omegon Push+

Omega Push+ mini



Longitud de cable (m) 0,8
Conexión USB
Conexión (extremo opuesto)  5.5x2.1 (center positive)
Tensión de entrada 5 (2A)
Tensión de salida 12 (600mA)

En general

Tipo Cable
Tipo de construcción Cables de alimentación
Color negro

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