Omegon projection adapter 1.25'' camera adapter m42 t2

Omegon 1.25'' Camera Adapter - An adapter for focal and projection recordings

This camera adapter creates a solid connection between your SLR camera and your telescope. With this, you can immediately start taking focal photos or projection photos.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The adapter consists of two segments that you can simply unscrew:

1. The smaller front piece has a 1.25'' connection on the side of the telescope. On the back you will find a T-2 thread. This focal adapter can be used, for example, for the moon, the sun and deep sky objects. You can connect a T-2 ring directly here. This adapter piece is very flat and only needs about 9mm optical path. The 1.25'' socket is 25mm long.

2. The second segment of the adapter is much longer and is used for eyepiece projection. You can use it to photograph planets, individual lunar craters, or sunspots, for example. The inner tube accommodates 1.25'' eyepieces with an outer diameter of up to 38mm. The eyepiece can be fastened with a knurled screw on the side. The segment piece itself is 67mm long.

On the camera side you will again find a T-2 thread where the T-2 ring can be screwed on.

You can achieve the desired extension factor with different eyepiece focal lengths.

The advantages at a glance:

very easy to use, also suitable for beginners

The adapter can be divided into focal and projection adapters.

built compact

each segment has its own T-2 thread

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Conexión (lado de telescopio)  1,25" 
Conexión (extremo opuesto)  T2

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