Guide rings for TS Optics telescopes from D- 48mm to 100mm

Solid metal guide rings for compact telescopes and riflescopes with a flat contact surface and metal knurled screws.

♦ Suitable for telescopes and scopes from 48mm to 100mm tube diameter

♦ Solid, easy-grip metal thumb screws with plastic tip

♦ Flat bearing surface with four M6 internal threads for trouble-free mounting on dovetail bars or other flat surfaces

♦ The set always consists of two pieces

♦ Ideal for astrophotography to attach a guide telescope for tracking parallel to the main telescope

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics adjustable guide scope rings - set of 2 pieces

Good tube rings are crucial to the success of an astronomical image. These TS pipe clamps are solidly made of aluminium. Nonetheless, they are not excessively heavy and therefore do not unnecessarily overload the telescope mount and tube. These adjustable tube rings are manufactured in modern CNC production for Teleskop Service in accordance with our high quality standards.


The product advantages and features of TS guide scope rings:


♦ The practical knurled screws offer a wide adjustment range, the telescope can be adjusted by several degrees.


♦ The tube rings are made of metal, as are the adjusting screws, to ensure optimal rigidity.


♦ The fixing screws themselves have a hard plastic tip. This will not damage the paint on the guide scope or finderscope.


♦ Scope guide rings have a 45mm wide flat base for easy adaptation to flat surfaces and dovetail bars with four internal M6 threads. They can be easily adapted to dovetail bars and flat support surfaces.


Inner diameter: 102 mm
Outer diameter: 117 mm
Suitable for: Telescopes and finders from 48 mm to 100 mm tube diameter
Support surface: Flat area with 45 mm diameter and 4x M6 threads (female)
Distance of threads: Inner pair 20 mm - outer pair 38 mm

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