TS Optics finder shoe - universal finder base for almost all telescopes

Universal finder shoe for almost all finder mounts - with a flexible base for your telescope - also suitable for SC telescopes

♦ Milled from solid - no cheap casting


♦ solid fastening with two knurled screws


♦ Flexible base for tubes from 130 mm diameter and for flat support surfaces


♦ Also fits Celestron SC telescopes as well as Skywatcher, Orion, Vixen, TS Optics telescopes


♦ Easy adaptation to tube or tube rings through slotted holes


♦ Vixen viewer format, also used by Celestron, Skywatcher...

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics standard finder shoe mount for your finder

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This finder mount is machined from a solid block for maximum precision and stability. The viewfinder mount is securely fastened with two screws, so nothing can tilt.


Particularly flexible adaptation to your telescope

The SC base can be fixed absolutely firmly to your telescope with two screws in the elongated holes or with a single screw in the middle.


The lower side is sinusoidally milled and thus forms two linear supports for maximum stability on each tube from 130mm diameter to 400mm diameter.


The two elongated holes and the center hole are countersunk so that you can easily and ideally fix the finder shoe with M4 or M5 countersunk screws.


This seeker shoe fits, among other things:


♦ Celestron schmidt cassegrain  and EHD telescopes

♦ Orion UK Pipe Clamps (pending drilling)

♦ It can replace the simple viewfinder mount of all telescopes with a tube diameter of 130mm or more

♦ SC base fits telescopes from TS Optics, Celestron, Orion USA, Orion UK, Intes and many more


Material: Aluminium - machined from the full
Connection to the telescope: with two long bores and a central bore
Matches screws: M3 to M5 countersunk head srews or very flat cylinder head screws
Distance of the connecting screws: The long bores allows a distance between 27 mm and 45 mm.

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