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To check and correct the collimation of telescopes, reflectors, catadioptric systems, and refractors, you must perform a star test. But you need a star for that. Unfortunately, a real star is often not available due to bad weather conditions.

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But even if a star is available, it needs good tracking because the star is constantly moving. Air turbulence can also affect your tests. Furthermore, the actual star may not even reveal the actual optical quality of your telescopes, thus preventing perfect collimation.


An artificial star is an excellent alternative to a real star. With an artificial star, star tests can be performed accurately anytime, anywhere. However, the problem with the artificial star is that you need a star size suitable for your telescope and the respective focal ratio. Even with different lighting conditions and different distances between the telescope and the artificial star, a suitable star size is required.


The artificial star Hubble 5-Star is the perfect solution to this problem. It has 5 bright white LEDs with 5 precise pinholes (50/100/150/200/250 microns). With the Hubble 5-Star you can test virtually any telescope, regardless of aperture ratio, focal length, distance, and lighting conditions.


You can instantly determine which star is best for your specific telescope at a given distance and light environment, simply by using the smallest possible star that still gives you a clear, out-of-focus image.

You can even adjust the brightness of the stars by turning the LED cap.

With an included magnetic mask you can hide 4 of the 5 stars.

With the Hubble 5-Star artificial stars, your telescopes are now easy to check and collimate!


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