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Omegon LED Finder Scope

Omegon LED Viewfinder - To help you find celestial objects...

For the moon, planets or galaxies: Finding objects in the sky is sometimes not so easy, especially at first. But it's much easier with the Omegon Red Dot Finder. Replace your lower visor: from now on you no longer seek, but find.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Plastic LED visor

Projection screen for a clear view

suitable for Skywatcher/Celestron/Vixen/GP finder shoes

dimmable: for a pleasant brightness

Easy to mount - fits any telescope with a Vixenstyle search shoe

Why beginners find objects better

Finding objects is child's play with the red dot finder. In optical sights, everything is usually upside down, here you have to rethink to find the objects. However, with an LED viewfinder, you can orient yourself in the sky.

The reason:

It has a projection screen but no optics.

You see heaven as it really is.

Easy entry in the search for celestial objects.

Red dot - infinitely dimmable

Activate the lighting with a dimmable rotary switch and select the brightness that suits you best. You will already see a red dot on the projection screen. If you look up at the sky, it looks like it's floating in the air. This is exactly where your telescope is pointing.

Search, find and watch with ease. Omegon's LED viewfinder!



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Tipo de pila CR2032


Visor incluido en el suministro -
Retículo no
Posición oblicua de observación -


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En general

Peso (g) 114
Color negro
Tipo Buscador 
Tipo de construcción Visor de punto rojo y de proyección

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