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Omegon riflescope 9x50, black

Omegon 9x50 Finder Telescope: turning the search into a find

Finding celestial objects is especially easy with the Omegon 9x50 Finder Scope. Opt for the Omegon 9x50 riflescope because it gives you plenty of light and a comfortable view at the same time.

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9x50 numbers that have it all

The aperture of the finderscope is 50mm, making it particularly bright. Objects that you cannot yet see with the naked eye can usually be recognized directly. Also look for bright deep sky objects, they will reveal themselves right in front of your eyes and no longer hide.

A big plus: To find an object, you use a star map with reference stars that you can use to orient yourself. However, some of them cannot be seen with the naked eye, or not easily. The search engine already shows many more stars. A great advantage to find it successfully.

Achromatic optics show you a bright, realistic image at 9x magnification. The optical surfaces are additionally multi-coated to prevent disturbing reflections.

How to find your destiny...

The Omegon 9x50 Finderscope has a built-in crosshair with which you can precisely and precisely focus objects in the telescope. The threads are filigree and still very visible in the sky. The finder comes complete with a sturdy mount. Two adjusting screws and a pressure spring allow adjustment in the shortest possible time. The precise sharpness of the image can be adjusted by rotating the lens.

easy construction

Finderscope fits many mounts: Skywatcher, Vixen, Orion, GSO and many other brands already have compatible finderscope shoes.

The advantages at a glance:

9x50 finder scope with 50mm lens diameter

brightest deep-sky objects directly visible

The mount fits most telescopes.

slight focus on the lens

Visor alignment via two screws and a spring



Aumento 9
Diámetro de objetivo (mm) 50
Bonificación de los elementos ópticos  múltiple


Visor incluido en el suministro -
iluminado no
Posición oblicua de observación no
Oculares cambiables

En general

Tipo Buscador 
Tipo de construcción buscador óptico
Nombre de variante Visor de Omegon 9x50, negro
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