Omegon finder scope 6x30 finder, black with vertical image and without mirror

Omegon 6x30 Finder Telescope - so you can easily find the stars

You are under the starry sky. The Milky Way extends its white band across the sky. There are thousands and thousands of objects hidden somewhere up there. But how do you find them with a telescope? This is particularly easy with the Omegon 6x30 Finderscope. And best of all: the optics provide a vertical and mirrorless image. This makes orientation in the sky particularly easy.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Optics do it: 18 times better than your eye

You cannot see most objects with the naked eye. Just when you look through the viewfinder it gives you 18 times more light. And with it many celestial objects right in front of your eyes. The 6x30 finderscope also has a small optic with a 30mm aperture and 6x magnification. So it's a real little telescope with great utility.

Wide field of view with reticle

The Omegon Finder gives you a wide field of view to make finding things really easy. Imagine: you have roughly aimed at an object, but not exactly placed it yet. Due to the large field of view, you can already see the object appearing on the edge. Now the integrated crosshairs come to your aid. Move the object to the center and the object is already pointed in the telescope.

Screws for easy adjustment.

To help your little finderscope find what it's looking for, it has three handy adjustment screws. This means that an adjustment on the main instrument can be completed in just a few minutes.

The advantages at a glance:

6x30 finder with fine reticle

easy orientation: the finder offers a vertical and mirrorless image

18 times more light than the naked eye

Find objects in no time

some deep sky objects are already visible

large field of view to find easily

for all Vixen/Skywatcher/Celestron style seeker shoes



Aumento 6
Diámetro de objetivo (mm) 30
Bonificación de los elementos ópticos  múltiple


Visor incluido en el suministro -
Retículo -
iluminado no
Posición oblicua de observación no
Oculares cambiables no

En general

Tipo Buscador 
Tipo de construcción buscador óptico
Nombre de variante Omegon Buscador 6x30 en negro con imagen vertical y horizontal

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