TS-Optics T2 Adapter for TSZ7 7-21mm Zoom Eyepiece

The adapter equips the TSZ7 with a T2 thread for connecting cameras.

♦ Side eyepiece connection: 38mm internal thread - suitable for TS-Optics 7-21mm zoom eyepiece

♦ Camera side connection: T2 - External thread M42x0.75

♦ Short: so you can get very close to the eyepiece with the camera to get good lighting

♦ Other adaptations for DSLR cameras or digital cameras can be found in the recommended accessories

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS T2 connector for TSZ7 zoom eyepiece

You can also use the good sharpness of the zoom eyepiece for photography. With this adapter you get a T2 connection on the eyepiece. You can screw cameras through optional rings. You can find these rings in the accessories section.

♦ DSLR/SLR camera: Connection via T2 rings

♦ Digital cameras without interchangeable lenses: via Baader Hyperion adapter rings

- BA2458040 - M54 filter thread adapter

- If your lens has a different filter thread, the appropriate connection rings are linked to the adapter

Connection eyepiece side: 38 mm thread (female)
Connection camera side: T2 (M42x0.75) thread, male - length 5 mm

♦ TS Adapter

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