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Omegon AC 102/660 AZ-3 Telescope

The 102/660 optics - compact telescope with light power

With a 102mm aperture, you not only see the moon and planets, but also immerse yourself in the world of deep sky objects. Observe the first young star clusters, such as the Pleiades or extensive galactic nebulae.

With a focal length of just 660mm, this telescope offers you a particularly wide field of view. It is the optimal telescope to let the starry sky work its magic on you and take walks through the night sky. And if you're interested in a closer object, insert another eyepiece and magnify it up to 200x. With a 102mm aperture, it uses atmospheric resolution – see lots of detail, like cloud bands on Jupiter.

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Comet Seeker: He can do that...

Imagine: it has just gotten dark, the stars are twinkling in the sky and a comet is majestic in front of you. You point it with the 102/660 telescope. The coma develops in front of you and a clear beginning of the dust tail. That's what this telescope does: it's a comet finder. Directly in front of you is a traveler from alien regions of the solar system. He feels like a comet researcher, like Jean-Louis Pons, one of the most famous comet discoverers, did.

The Omegon AZ-3 mount: precision thanks to fine movement in both axes

An azimuth mount with fine axes on both axes: With the AZ-3 mount you can track any object, whether in the sky or on the ground. Simply point at an object and, while looking, turn the fine axes in the desired direction. Its mount tracks the object very easily, even at high magnifications. For you this means: enjoy your observation, tracking is done very intuitively.

You can use a thick center screw to fix: whether you prefer to observe horizontally on the ground or tilted up in the sky. With it you can reach any point you want to observe. To get the panoramic view you need, rotate the telescope in any direction. This is possible because the AZ-3 mount can be rotated 360°.

The advantages at a glance:

bright comet telescope with 102mm aperture

transportable and immediately ready for use

2" reduction focuser for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces

With the red dot finder you can easily find any object

pleasant 90° view: star diagonal made of high-quality metal

AZ-3 mount with thin shafts for the best movements

Mounting with photographic thread: attach spotting scopes or cameras

Aluminum tripod (extendable) with convenient accessory storage


Sistema óptico

Tipo  Refractor
Tipo de construcción  Achromat 
Apertura (mm)  102
Distancia focal (mm)  660
Relación de apertura (f/)  6,5
Capacidad de resolución  1,13
valor límite (mag)  11,8
Capacidad colectora de luz  210
Ampliación útil máxima  200
Construcción de tubo Tubo completo

Tubo telescópico del ocular

Tipo de construcción  Barra dentada
Conexión (lado de ocular)  2


Tipo de construcción  AZ-3
Tipo de montura  altacimutal 
GoTo  no


Tipo Trípode
Material Aluminio

Accesorios incluidos

Oculares de 1,25"  20mm, 10mm
Lente de Barlow  -
Sistema óptico de desviación  Espejo zenitar, 1,25" - 90o
Telescopio visor  Visor de punto luminoso 

En general

Serie Basic


Observación de la naturaleza
Luna y planetas
Nebulosas y galaxias
Astrofotografía no
Sol  no (solamente con filtro solar apropiado)

Recomendado para

Avanzados  no
Observatorios  no
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