TS M2 Phillips Countersunk Head Screw - Thread Length 3.5mm

Small screw used, for example, to fix unmounted filters on filter drawers or filter wheels.

♦ M2 thread

♦ Thread length 3.5mm

♦ Countersunk head for small Phillips screwdrivers

♦ The total length of the screw is 5 mm

♦ Countersunk head diameter is 3.5mm

♦ Material is steel

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

TS-Optics knurled screws for secondary mirror collimation

Adjust the secondary mirror without tools, precisely and without the risk of a key or screwdriver falling on the primary mirror, for example.

Compared with normal small collimation screws, TS knurled screws have a number of advantages, such as flat milling surface. If there is a burr on the screw, it will dig into the aluminum secondary mirror mount. The collimation accuracy decreases. Also, the secondary mirror can twist during collimation. Therefore, a precise adjustment is impossible.

The screws fit, among other things, on all Newtonian telescopes from GSO, TS-Optics or Skywatcher and on all telescopes where the secondary mirror is fitted with M4 screws.


Material: Steel (not stainless steel)
Thread: M2
Thread length: 3.5 mm
Total length of the screw: 5 mm

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