Antlia ALP-T 2 inch Dual Band Narrowband Nebula Filter - 5nm

The 2" narrow band nebula filter enables extreme contrast nebula photography with MONO and COLOR cameras - light pollution is no longer a problem.

♦ 2" low profile filter mount with M48x0.75 thread

♦ Can be used for telescopes and lenses with a focal ratio of f/3 and slower

♦ Schott optical base substrate

♦ Blackened edges to avoid internal reflections

♦ Extremely narrow bandwidth of only 5nm for maximum contrast

♦ Precise pitch in H-Alpha and in O-III

♦ Filter thickness 2 mm

♦ Supplied in a practical plastic transport box

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Antlia ALP-T Dual Band 5nm Narrowband Nebula Filter for Black and White and Color Cameras

Antlia has developed this 5nm dual line pass filter for single shot color cameras (OSC), DSLR and modern system cameras. But it can also be used as a narrow band filter for mono cameras to save valuable recording time and produce extremely high contrast luminance images, even in moonlight and near cities.

The ALP-T dual band filter transmits red H-alpha light (656.3nm) and green O-III light (500.7nm) and blocks all other wavelengths. In particular, unwanted wavelengths from light pollution and air glare are blocked. This allows you to capture deep deep sky images even in moonlight and near cities. The signal-to-noise ratio is greatly increased and thus even the faintest fog can be resolved.

The quality characteristics of Antlia's narrowband filters at a glance:

♦ High light transmission and narrow bandwidth to maximize contrast

♦ Steep spectral profile minimizes halos around bright stars

♦ Single substrate to eliminate internal reflections

♦ Use in areas with light pollution and dark places

♦ Extend recording time under moonlight

♦ Antlia Narrow Band Pro filters can be used up to F/3 systems with little signal loss

♦ All Antlia narrow band filters have blackened edges to eliminate internal reflections from stray light.

♦ Superior optical reliability reduces image post-processing


Substrate: Schott optical substrate
Filter thickness: 2 mm
Cell: Low-profile metal cell with M48x0.75 filter thread
FWHM: 5 nm
CWL: 656.3 nm (90%), 500.7 nm (82%)
Surface quality: S/D (scratch/dig)= 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)
Surface accuracy: Lambda/4 or better
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