TS-Optics attachment kit for ZWO EAF focus motor on 2" Crayford TS focusers

Equip TS-Optics and GSO 2" Crayford and Monorail focusers with the ZWO EAF motorized focus system.

♦ Suitable for TSFOCN2, TSFOCN2M, TSFOCSC, TSFOCSCM and TSFOCR2M and all telescopes equipped with these focusers.

♦ Suitable for MonorailN2, MonorailR96, MonorailR86, MonorailSC and MonorailM90 and all telescopes that are equipped with these focusers.

♦ Allows the use of ZWO's EAF motorized focus system

♦ Contains the snap ring for the extension with 2 plastic screws on the EAF adapter and the coupling for the motor shaft

♦ Easy assembly

♦ Made of aluminum

♦ EAF motor focuser and focuser are not included

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

TS EAF Fixation Kit for 2" Crayford Focusers TS-Optics

The kit allows the ZWO EAF focus motor to be adapted to TS-Optics and GSO 2" Crayford focusers. The EAF focus motor makes micro-reduction unnecessary because the adjustment is very fine. Alternatively, the appropriate programs can be used for computer optimization approach and for example temperature compensation.

Connection to focuser:

Since focusers do not have a flat surface to hold the motorized focus, the motorized focus is attached to the focuser housing with a transition ring. Too easy:

♦ Remove one of the two focuser adjustment knobs and place the coupling over it.

♦ Remove the focuser base and place the aluminum ring on the housing.

♦ Insert the shaft of the ZWO-EAF into the coupling and fix the ZWO-EAF to the ring extension. By carefully turning and moving the ring, the extraction shaft and motor shaft are centered.

♦ Next, fix the grub screws on the coupling first, and then fix the EAF on the focuser by lightly tightening the two plastic screws on the ring.

♦ Done: you can start with the motorized focus.

The EAF-FOCN2 fits the following telescopes, among others:

♦ TS 6" and 8" RC Ritchey-Chrétien

♦ Cassegrain TS 6" and 8" telescopes

♦ TS Photon Newtonian telescopes with 2" Crayford or monorail focusers

♦ 8" aperture TS-Optics and GSO Dobsonian telescopes


Material: Aluminum
Suitable for adaptation of: ZWO-EAF motor focus system
Inner diameter: 82 mm
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