TS-Optics Optics 3" Crayford Newtonian Focuser with Reduction

Crayford short focuser with compression ring for 3" and 2" accessories - carries accessories up to 6 kg.

♦ Only 80mm high up to the 3" clamp and 95mm up to the 2" clamp.

♦ With flexible base - suitable for Newtonian telescopes from 8" aperture.

♦ Wide adjustment range of the 40mm extension tube.

♦ Ideal for astrophotography with 3" correctors from ASA, TeleVue or TS Optics.

♦ Maximum stability thanks to oversized ball bearings and a V2A steel plate as counterpart.

♦ Built-in 1:10 micro reduction.

♦ Motorized focus is available as an option.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

TS-Optics UNCN3 3" Crayford Focuser for Newtonian Telescopes

Teleskop-Service manufactures telescopes in the premium range with the ONTC and UNC Newtonians. We are now pleased to be able to offer you the high quality 3" UNCN3 focuser from this series individually, for your own build or to upgrade your Newtonian telescope.

The TS UNCN3 focuser impresses with its high-quality finish:

The focuser is designed for high loads with the best possible accuracy at the same time. Especially in astrophotography, a high degree of focuser precision is expected.

♦ Steel ball bearings are oversized.

♦ A V2A steel plate is incorporated as a counterpart to the ball bearings. Even under maximum load, the adjustment is jerk-free.

♦ The maximum load capacity of the focuser is 6 kg with full precision and sensitivity.

♦ The 1:10 reduction is made of professional quality V2A steel.

♦ Focuser offers compression rings for 3", 2", and 1.25" accessories.

♦ Air chamber accepts 3" fittings along its entire length, no bottlenecks in the way.

♦ The air chamber is provided with an anti-reflective thread.

Motorized focus: a must for many astrophotographers

The USB_FOCUS_SET and USB_FOCUS_SET-H can be easily adapted to the UNCN3 focuser with the BR-UNCN3.

The USB_FOCUS enables motorized focus and even full remote control.

Soon we will offer other interesting solutions for motorized focus.


Weight: 1200 g
Shortest length: 80 mm to 3" clamping and 95 mm to 2" clamping
Adjustment range of drawtube: 40 mm
Connection to Newtonian telescope tube: via base - suitable for Newtonians from 220 mm tube diameter to a flat supporting surface.
Connection at the eyepiece and camera side: 3" compression ring, 2" compression ring und 1.25" compression ring
Dual speed focusing: yes
Base: 114x114 mm with female M6 thread - 100 mm lengthwise to tube and 99 mm crosswise to tube
Thread in the tube side end of the drawtube: M82x1 female

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