Omegon USB heating tape 11cm

Unheated dew caps can only delay moisture condensation on the telescope optics, but cannot prevent it in the long run. In most cases, the precipitation arrives in an instant and the observing night is over. So why not use a dew cap heater?

The heating tape directs the heat directly to the dew cap, optics or other accessories and thus prevents dew precipitation.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

The heating band keeps the telescope, viewfinder and eyepieces free from fogging.

Easy adjustment: flexible band for a perfect fit

Velcro: Adheres to any point on the top of the heating tape.

USB plug with 2 meter cable

It is not recommended to connect to the laptop

Available in different lengths

Compact and always with you

Simply practical: At the start of your observation, simply wrap the heating tape around the tube or eyepiece. The band can be put on like a glove and is fixed with a hook-and-loop fastener. After observing, simply store it back in the eyepiece case. So you always have your free telescope heater for optics with you.

Keeps your optics free from fogging

Simply connect the cable with a USB port to a suitable power source. This means for you: your heating tape effectively maintains the temperature a few degrees above the outside temperature. The dew no longer stands a chance.

Why do your optics fog up?

Everyone who wears glasses knows exactly what effects dew has on an optical surface. Step out of the cold into a warm room. Suddenly, a fine mist of fine water droplets settles on the glasses because hot air condenses on the cold surfaces of the glass. Exactly the same thing happens in the optics of your telescope. When the optic cools down, condensed water settles on the surface. Time for a free look!

Omegon heating tapes give you more viewing pleasure for longer. If other stargazers are already packing up their telescopes, watch as long as you like.

Other highlights:

20mm wide heating element inside

44mm band width

Color: black outside / red inside

Material: sanity/nylon

scope of delivery:

Heating tape with cable and USB connector



Resistencia (Ohm) 12,5
Amperaje (A) 0,4
Potencia calorífica 2

En general

Longitud (cm) 11

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