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Omegon 20 cm mounting rail dovetail vixen type mount for EQ-4/5/6 mounts

GP dovetail bar for telescopes - easy mounting for your telescope tube

Do you want to mount your telescope on a mount or profile with a GP system? With the Omegon dovetail bar as a base, this can be done reliably, quickly and in a matter of seconds.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Quick mount for optical instruments on mounts

Universal dovetail bar made of aluminum for mounts with GP profile

Suitable for mounts: NEQ-3, NEQ-5, EQ-300, EQ-500, HEQ-5, EQ-6, Celestron mounts, Vixen mounts and many others. Let us advise you.

Available in different lengths

Holes at both ends, 2x 1/4'' photo thread in the middle

Whether it's a telescope, a spotting scope or your camera equipment: With this universal dovetail bar you can mount almost any instrument on its mount. All you have to do: Connect the rail to the tube or tube rings once. You do not need anything more.

To the profile of the family doctor

Place your tube in the GP profile of your mount and close the clamping screw. Your telescope is quickly assembled and of course disassembled again for transport. Because how quickly and easily a telescope can be transported and assembled is crucial.

Lightweight and perfect for any telescope.

The aluminum rail is black anodized and consists entirely of a single piece of aluminium. It was milled at the bottom, which makes the splint pleasantly light. Weight advantage: especially important when every gram counts. The dovetail bar has straight edges at the top. In this way, it is optimally adapted to your instrument. Holes at both ends are used to lock onto pipe rings or tubes.



Material Aluminio
Peso (g) 202

En general

Color negro
Longitud (cm) 20
Tipo de construcción Vixen 
Tipo Placa cola de milano

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