Omegon 100mm tube rings for 102/660 telescope

With these tube rings, you can mount your optical tube in no time.

Do you want to mount your optical tube in a mount and make it a permanent part of your telescope? With these pipe clamps, it's fast, elegant and also ensures a firm hold. Pipe clamps shouldn't be able to do more, but they shouldn't be able to do less either.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Aluminum Tube Rings: Your tube remains light even with the tube rings. An advantage when weight matters

Quick and easy assembly

Opens and closes without tools: two handy thumbscrews to quickly attach your optics.

With 1/4" photo threaded screw for mounting a camera on a backpack

Omegon tube clamps are convenient to use. The two ring twin pack can be easily attached to a bracket or dovetail bar. The matching M6x20 screws are already included, so you don't even have to search for the right accessory. An economical solution for your stable mounted optical tube.

Outer diameter 110mm, inner diameter 100mm

Suitable for the Omegon AC 102/660 OTA telescope and many similar models with an outer diameter of approximately 100mm


En general

Peso (g) 400
Material Aluminio
Color negro
Anchura (mm) 25
Diámetro exterior (mm) 110
Diámetro interior (mm) 100
Tipo accesorios de montura
Tipo de construcción Abrazaderas

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