Optolong deep sky S-II 6.5nm filter, unmounted round disk with D-31mm

Adecuado para fotografiar nebulosas de emisión débil a la luz de la luna o con una fuerte contaminación lumínica, pero también para obtener imágenes de banda estrecha en la llamada "paleta Hubble"

♦ filtro de línea de banda estrecha (<=7 nm) para línea de nebulosa importante

♦ preferido para cámaras CDD con tecnología de transferencia de cuadro completo

♦ 2 mm de espesor y por lo tanto homofocal con muchos otros filtros Optolong

♦ Filtro de interferencia

♦ Panel de vidrio sin marco con un diámetro de 31 mm

♦ pulido ópticamente

♦ Recubrimiento duro multicapa - no reflectante y en gran medida resistente a los arañazos

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Optolong S-II 6.5nm deep sky filter, 31mm diameter round disk

The 6.5nm SII CCD Extra Narrow Band Filter is designed for observing nebulae with a bandwidth of only 6.5nm and a central wavelength of 672nm, which corresponds to the emission line [S III]. Transmission at the other wavelengths is extremely low, particularly those radiating artificial light sources such as mercury vapor and both types of sodium vapor lamps, but also unwanted natural light emitted by neutral oxygen in the atmosphere (brightness of the sky).

Main use and properties

♦ Suitable for photographing weak emission nebulae in moonlight or when there is a lot of light pollution

♦ By combining H-alpha, OIII-CCD and SII-CCD, narrowband recordings can be made in the so-called "Hubble palette", such as the famous "Pillars of Creation" (M16, Eagle Nebula).

Substrate: High-quality optical glass from Schott
Thickness: 2.0 mm
Surface Treatment: Fine-optically polished
Surface Polish Quality: 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)
Surface Quality: 1/4 wavefront
Coating: Muti-coated
Cell: unmounted glass plate with 31 mm diameter
Typical transmission off-band: 0.1% (OD3)
Centre wavelength [S II]: 672 nm
FWHM [S II]: 6.5 nm
Typical transmission [S II]: 80%
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