TS-Optics adapter to M48x0.75 internal thread for UNC and TeleVue focusers

The adapter allows accessories to be connected via the 2" filter thread to the M65x1 thread and to the external thread of the TS-Optics UNC focuser.

♦ Thread on extension side: Internal thread M65x1

♦ Camera side thread: Filter thread 2" - Internal thread M48x0.75

♦ The adapter allows the screwed connection of accessories such as correctors to the TS-Optics UNC focusers without clamping and thus absolutely tilt-free.

♦ The adapter can also be used as a connecting ring for T2 threaded offsets.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics connection adapter for correctors on TS-Optics UNC focusers and on M65x1 thread

Many astrophotographers prefer a bolt-on adaptation because the coma corrector or flattener can tilt due to lateral clamping. The result is distorted stars at the corners and unsightly astrophotos.

For this reason, TS-Optics 2" UNC focusers have the M65x1 thread at the end of the 2" barrel. With this adapter, offsets can be connected without clamping and thus without loss of the required accuracy. The clamping screws on the focuser are therefore superfluous.

Correctors with threaded connection M48x0.75

The adapter is screwed into the M48 thread of the corrector. The internal thread of the adapter is only 2mm long. Therefore, there is still enough room for adaptation, since the connection thread of the correctors is usually 4-5 mm long. The corrector with adapter is then simply screwed onto the focuser.

Baader MPCC Coma Corrector

The adapter is perfect for this. Remove the protective ring from the external thread M48x0.75 of the corrector. Then screw the comma corrector into the adapter. You can then screw both together with the UNC excerpt. You can then use the MPCC's T2 thread for all other adaptations.

Correctors and flatteners with T2 connection

The correctors with the smaller connection thread M42x0.75 can also be used in the future on UNC focusers without clamping. Insert the corrector in the extract. Then simply twist the TS65-M48i adapter over it and lock the bracket in place. The adapter now fulfills the function of a union ring.

Focuser-sided thread: M65x1 female thread - length 9 mm
Camera-sided thread: M48x0.75 female thread - length 2 mm
Overall length of the adaptor: 11 mm

What goes in the box:

♦ TS Optics Adapter

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