Omegon Radiant finder scope with base, Telrad type

Omegon Radiant: find fog in the sky immediately, from the first night, thanks to this search engine

Every experienced observer knows that it takes many hours under starry skies to really understand the sky. The main problem: find the objects. Omegon's Radiant Viewfinder will help you with this. Because it is completely different from other LED scopes. From now on, you can find even dim objects with fun and success, pushed from the first night.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Accompany you on the journey to the objects: from now on you will find the objects you are looking for

Without Goto but with full orientation: Know the sky better than most observers with computerized telescopes

Find even faint deep sky objects

Better orientation: target circles with 0.5°, 2° and 4°

Lighting can be dimmed and adjusted to the observation situation

Base: mount and dismount Radiant at any time

Which is very different in the Radiant

With a normal LED viewfinder you only see a point in the sky. As a beginner, how can you project the search for objects from the star map to the sky? You need at least one idea, one clue.

This is exactly where Omegon Radiant offers the solution! A flat projection gives you a better idea and you can better estimate distances.

0.5°, 2° and 4°: The secret of the destiny circles

How do you find objects in the sky? You pull out a star map and try to find the object, but you can't see it. Radiant target circles will help you. The inner circle covers an area of ​​0.5 degrees, the middle 2, and the outer 4 degrees.

Dimmable for brighter and very dark places.

The LED lighting is infinitely dimmable: from bright to dim. How to use the Radiant in bright or very dark places. Advantage: Your eye's adaptation to darkness is maintained.

base in radians

The Radiant base can be attached to telescope tubes with a diameter of 10 centimeters or more using two adhesive strips. Two locking screws secure your scope and hold it in the desired position.

End the frustration of searching for an object

Nothing is more frustrating than a globular cluster, a nebula, a galaxy that you want to observe but just can't find. Then the night can no longer be saved. That is what happened to thousands of observers. Beginners are particularly affected by this frustration. But the Radiant headset doesn't even let frustration creep in. Because from the first night you can easily find objects and have your first successes.

Who is Omegon Radiant suitable for?

Whether beginner or advanced: the Radiant is for all spotters who want to find their desired objects easier or faster. If you don't have a GoTo but do have a manually steerable telescope, the Radiant is for you. But even if you're still having trouble finding items: You can with the Radiant.

Bonus: free ruler with radiant circles and telrad

Having a radiant is one thing, finding an object in the sky is another. But with this newly designed radiant ruler, finding objects is easy. Radiant circles in 7 different scales conform to the most common star atlases. Just place the transparent ruler on the map and you can find the exact route to the celestial object.

The rule goes with these star atlases:

Deep Sky Travel Atlas

Pocket Sky Atlas

Cosmos compact star atlas

Pocket Sky Atlas Jumbo

Sky Atlas 2000


Atlas for sky watchers

Nice addition: With a printed table, you can immediately find out directly under the starry sky which magnification and which eyepiece focal length is best suited for nebulae, galaxies, double stars and other objects.



Aumento ninguno
Funciona a pilas
Tipo de pila 2 baterias AA


Posición oblicua de observación no


Pilas incluidas en el volumen de suministro no

En general

Peso (g) 270
Color negro
Anchura (mm) 58
Longitud (mm) 210
Altura (cm) 130
Material plástico ABS
Tipo Buscador 
Tipo de construcción Visor de punto rojo y de proyección
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