2" TS focal adapter to 40mm long T2 thread

The adapter fits into any 2" receptacle and allows connection of T2 (M42x0.75) accessories. Additionally, the adapter builds 40mm.

♦ Connection on the telescope side: 2" barrel with filter thread M48 (internal thread)

♦ Camera side connection: T2-(M42x0.75) male thread

♦ Total Optically Effective Length: 40mm (w/o T2 thread - w/o 2" receptacle)

♦ Additional filter thread adapter M48 to T2 with a length of 75.2 mm

♦ No lock slot, no tilting or tipping over

♦ Anti-reflective inner thread against reflections

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TSFA240 2" TS Focal Adapter to T2 with 40mm length

The TSFA240 adapter fits into any 2" socket and allows the use of T2 accessories, such as T2 rings for DSLR cameras or T2 adaptations (see recommended accessories). The adapter also adds 40mm.

What is the point of 40mm total length:

Many 2" focuser telescopes have a focal plane well behind the focuser. Especially refractor telescopes, which are designed for 2" star diagonals. If you want to shoot through these telescopes with a conventional focal adapter, you have to rotate the focuser out and possibly even work with a 2" extension. This reduces stability and causes tilting.

The TSFA240 offers both functions in a single adapter. Fits 2" to T2 and is also a 40mm extension. This is great for photography.

Other use as long M48 to T2 adapter for astrophotography

Many correctors have a very long working distance from the connection thread M48x0.75 to the position of the camera sensor. The TSFA240 has an optically effective distance from the M48 internal thread to the T2 thread of 75.2mm. The T2 thread does not count because it disappears in the connection adapter.

So you can also use the adapter to adapt your camera to correction systems if there is a large working distance.

Connection at telescope side: 2" barrel and female M48x0.75 thread (2" filter thread)
Connection at camera side: T2-thread (M42x0.75), male
Optical path from the 2" barrel: 40 mm
Optical path from the M48 thread: 75.2 mm
Length of the T2 thread: 5 mm

What goes in the box:

♦ TS Optics Adapter

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