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TS-Optics 2" Plug to 2" SC Thread Adapter by Celestron

The adapter allows the use of SC accessories on 2" adapters and focusers.

♦ Telescopic side connection: 2" receptacle with filter thread M48x0.75 (internal thread)

♦ Eyepiece side connection: SC thread (2" external thread)

♦ The SC thread is longer so that the union adapter can also be used

♦ 2" receptacle is smooth with no locking slot so it is impossible to tip or tilt

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics 2" Barrel to SC Male Thread Adapter - SC to 2" Accessory Connection Adapter

The adapter allows you to connect Schmidt-Cassegrain accessories, such as correctors, off-axis guides, etc., to focusers with a 2" receptacle. The adapter makes particular sense when using a 2" focuser on an SC telescope and want to continue using SC accessories.

♦ The TS2A-SCA adapter has a 2" filter thread (internal thread) on the side of the telescope, allowing for mounted 2" filters to be attached.

♦ The 2" barrel is smooth and therefore optimized for modern focusers and adapters with ring clamps. Therefore tilting or tilting is impossible.

♦ A shoulder separates the SC thread from the 2" barrel, allowing for a clean stop.

♦ The external SC thread is extra long at 8.5 mm. You can also use T2 or 1.25" adapters with union ring.

♦ An anti-reflective thread prevents unwanted reflections.

Connection at telescope side: 2" barrel - length 30 mm
Connection at eyepiece side: SC thread (male) - length 8.5 mm
Total length of the adapter: 40.5 mm

♦ TS-Optics SC Adapter

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