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Omegon Flip Mirror

Omegon flip mirror: the flip mirror for precise focusing

In astrophotography, if you want to take successful astrophotography, precise focus is only half the story. Omegon's flip-up mirror makes it easy to find both the exact point of focus and the correct position for your astrophotos.

This little black box has a movable rotating mirror that deflects the light path 90° upwards or alternatively lets it pass unhindered. This allows a camera and an eyepiece to be attached to the telescope at the same time. Therefore, long focus with a CCD camera is avoided. Focusing is possible in a matter of seconds, once the eyepiece and camera have been adjusted to each other.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

always sharp

If you tilt the mirror to the 45° position, the object will appear in the eyepiece and you can fine-focus it as usual. The flip-up mirror's helical focuser allows you to make the eyepiece and camera exactly parfocal to each other. This means that both elements will be in focus at the same time.

But Omegon's folding mirror does even more than this: an object that is precisely centered in the eyepiece will simultaneously be centered in the camera's field of view. You no longer have to worry about whether the object is placed correctly on the chip, you know it will be.

An advantage with all cameras.

A finder is not provided with popular webcams or astronomical CCD cameras to help position the object on the chip. Only by taking test exposures is it possible to achieve sharp focus and the correct position of the object. The folding mirror is of great help here, as the object has already been 'remotely' centered and focused on the chip through the eyepiece.


The Omegon Flip Mirror has a 1.25” connector that fits into any standard telescope. The helical focuser will accept any standard 1.25” eyepiece. A T-2 thread is provided on the side of the camera, the standard accessory for all cameras.

The advantages in a nutshell:

simple change between eyepiece and camera via a rotary lever

precise focus through eyepiece

flip-up mirror makes astrophotography much easier

the object setting in the eyepiece is the same as in the camera

1.25“ connector on the telescope side

T-2 connector for camera adapter

Please note: folding mirrors are not suitable for use with Newtonian telescopes as the focal point can no longer be reached. However, their use in refractors or catadioptric systems (SC, ACF, Maksutov) is not a problem..



Connector (at camera end)  T2
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25" 
Optical length (mm)  75


Type Adaptors 
Type of build Camera adaptor
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