Omegon 3x Barlow lens, achromatic, 1.25"

Omegon Barlow lens - standard for your eyepiece case

The Omegon Barlow lens increases the focal length of your telescope, giving you two different applications:

increase the magnification of your eyepiece

webcam images

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

increase magnification

Omegon's 2x/3x Barlow lens triples magnification when used in conjunction with an eyepiece. The 1.25" eyepiece simply inserts into the Barlow lens and is secured with the locking screw on the side. You then insert the entire assembly into the focuser. For example, if you normally get 20X magnification with your eyepiece, then you magnify to 60X with the eyepiece Omegon Barlow Lens If you want to initially dispense with having to purchase a complete set of eyepieces, then this Barlow lens will suit your needs.

Focal length and webcam

With the Omegon Barlow lens you increase the focal length of your telescope, but at the same time you increase the scale of the image of the object. When you first put a webcam designed to photograph planets into a telescope, you realize how tiny the images of the planets are. The Omegon Barlow lens increases the focal length, which increases the size of the image of a planet. Only now can you begin to make out the details in a planet's disk. A must for imaging planets!

A protruding lens

The Omegon Barlow objective has an achromatic doublet which provides a good image to start with. In addition, the green multi-coating ensures that unwanted reflections are reduced. Even at first glance, one can see that this relatively inexpensive Barlow lens has been manufactured to a very high quality. No plastics have been used, as is the case with some other lenses, the housing is entirely metal. The field lens has a large diameter of 25mm. The weight of this Barlow lens is not a factor, as it weighs less than a hundred grams, and is also very compact.

The advantages in a nutshell:

achromatic Barlow lens, 1.25"

increases eyepiece magnification

suitable for webcam images

reflections suppressed: multilayer

robust metal housing

side locking screw to secure in place

only 95g in weight and 93mm in length



Focal length (mm)  -
Magnification factor 3
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25" 


Series Basic
Type Barlow & Erecting Lenses
Type of build Barlow Lens

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