Omegon Oberon Barlow 2.5x 2” lens

More magnification, more focal length - with 2” accessories

Sometimes you just want one thing: more focal length.

Perhaps because you want an eyepiece with higher magnification or longer focal length for astrophotography. Attach your 2-inch accessories to the Oberon Barlow lens and enjoy a brilliantly clear, magnified view of the universe.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

2.5 times more magnification so you can bring objects closer to you

For astrophotography, find the right section of the image when the object looks too small in your telescope

Four-lens design for brighter images with less chromatic aberration than a normal achromatic Barlow lens

2” filter thread so you never run out of your 2” filter

With compression ring to gently hold your eyepiece in place

2.5 times more magnification for your 2” accessories

Is so easy; place your 2” Oberon Barlow between the telescope and the eyepiece and immediately the magnification is 2.5 times greater, and the focal length of your telescope is 2.5 times greater. So you don't need more eyepieces or a longer focal length telescope.

Four lenses for stunningly beautiful images...

Images are sharper and objects appear clearer. Chromatic aberrations caused by a Barlow lens are a thing of the past.

So the moon and bright planets look more natural and therefore more beautiful. Clever four-lens design with multi-coated surfaces eliminates most of the chromatic aberrations that occur when Barlow lenses have fewer components. Therefore, a Barlow lens can be a great addition to your eyepiece collection. Four lenses for beautiful images.

compression ring

The compression ring ensures that your accessories are securely fastened to the Barlow lens. No screws to damage your valuable eyepiece, but a smooth yet secure grip.

Other advantages:

2" to 1.25" adapter for 1.25" accessories

33mm sleeve length

Height: 48 mm, with adapter 60 mm

Package Contents:

Oberon 2" Barlow Lens

dust cap



Connection ( to eyepiece)1,25" & 2"
Number of lenses4
Magnification factor2,5

Special features

Filter thread yes


Eyepiece adaptor1,25" - 2"


Weight (g)300
Diameter (mm)61
Height (mm)48
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