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Omegon Filters Pro 1.25'' CLS Filter

Omegon CLS Pro filter: the all-rounder for better nebula viewing

Would you like to be able to see nebulae better? Even in smaller telescopes? Then the Omegon CLS pro filter is the right choice for you. It blocks the wavelengths of artificial light sources, thereby increasing the contrast between astronomical objects and a light-polluted sky. It also lets in more light than many other filters. Objects appear clear and bright, even in smaller telescopes with a 70mm aperture, and contrast is greatly increased. The CLS filter is also extremely useful for astrophotography. It allows you to successfully image deep-sky objects, even in light-polluted cities.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

The benefits in a nutshell

broadband nebula filter - suitable even for small telescopes

very little obscuration of the object visible through the eyepiece

1.25" thread - fits virtually any 1.25" eyepiece

enables successful astrophotography from within cities

See more -for telescopes from 70mm aperture

These filters let more light through than many others. Objects appear clear and bright, even in smaller telescopes up to 70mm in diameter, but contrast is greatly increased. This filter evokes your favorite object right in front of your eyes!

Best photos from within cities

The CLS filter is also a real plus when used for astrophotography. It enables successful deep-sky photography even from inside light-polluted cities.

How do you achieve that?

The secret behind this filter is the interference technology. Countless thin layers ensure that only certain wavelengths of light pass through the filter, since not all wavelengths of light are useful for observing nebulae. Less is definitely more here, more of the nebula.

Omegon Pro filter with own certificate

The advantage: every Omegon Pro nebula filter is first tested by us and comes with an individual test certificate.



Mount material Aluminium
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25" 
Frame  1,25" 


Series Pro 
Type Filters 
Type of build Broadband Filters 

Area of application

Anti light-pollution yes
Hydrogen nebulae -
Planetary nebulae yes
Comets -
Central stars -
Supernova remains -
Useful for photographs yes
Visually useful yes
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