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OTA triplet APO Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Pro refractor telescope with accessories

OTA Triplet APO Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Pro Refractor Telescope with Accessories

Sky-Watcher APO Esprit 100ED Tube

APO triplet telescope + field corrector

Ideal for wide-field deep sky photography with a focal ratio of f / 5.5

Includes a 3" linear focuser with a 11: 1 ratio

Supplied with accessories and carrying case.

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All about the Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Pro Triplet

Designed for the most demanding amateur astronomer, the ESPRIT series Sky-Watcher refractors achieve performance equivalent to that of high-end equipment. With its unique design with three air-spaced lenses, with an Ohara FPL-53 center lens and two Schott lenses, the chromaticism is completely eliminated, providing images with exceptional sharpness and contrast for both deep space and planetary, photography or visual.

The use of multilayer treatments on all surfaces considerably limits light transmission losses due to passing the lenses, making Esprit 100ED brighter and more contrasting than conventional glasses that are less corrected. The "Metallic High-Transmission" (MHC) treatment is applied to all air-spaced glass surfaces, ensuring impressive results (transmission close to 99.5%). This 100mm telescope collects 56% more light compared to 80mm model

A field corrector is included as standard that is threaded, which eliminates flexing due to play. Its 2 x 48mm diameter lenses offer a perfectly flat field focused on the entire 40mm image circle providing a wider and clearer aperture with no internal reflections. Thanks to the corrector, the Esprit 100ED can be used for wide-field deep-sky photography.

11: 1 linear power focuser

The Sky-Watcher Esprit range has a high quality linear focuser on par with excellent optics to provide good results in astrophotography (where focus is paramount) the eyepiece holder is a heavy duty frame for sensors bigger. In 3 "(76mm) input format, the Linear Power (patented design) is robust and precise thanks to an 11: 1 gear ratio.

The slide tube has a steel guide rail that runs on 4 large ball bearings which provides great smoothness and prevents any change during focus. A set screw maintains focus depending on the orientation of the optical tube. The Linear Power also has a graduated scale on the slide tube so you can identify various positions depending on your equipment. It can also be easily rotated thanks to a rotating collar without losing focus.

To meet the requirements of amateur astronomers, the optical tube is made entirely of steel. Plastic parts are not used! The solidity is and the aesthetics are in tune. The interior is blackened and manufactured to limit stray light intrusion. Two wide rings (Deluxe version) and a Losmandy dovetail are included for a solid hold on your mount.


Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor 

Optical Diameter 100mm 

Focal Length 550mm 

F/Ratio f/5.5 

Highest Practical Power 200x 

Finder Scope 8x50 right angle erect finder 

Focuser Diameter 3" Linear Power Focuser 

Diagnol 2" 90 deg. Dielectric Diagonal with 1.25" adapter 

Tube Weight 6.3 kg 

Tube Dimensions 10.5cmx47cm 

Shipping Weight 23 kg 

Shipping Dimensions 105x39x29 cm3 

Items Included

1 Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Pro Triplet optical tube

1 field corrector

1 9x50 angled finder scope

1 Dielectric diagonal 50.8 / 31.75 mm

1 set of de Luxe fixing rings

1 Losmandy dovetail

1 retractable dew shield

1 aluminum carrying case

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