OTA Sky-Watcher 80/400 Refractor Telescope

OTA Sky-Watcher 80/400 Refractor Telescope

80mm achromatic refractor telescope for self-guidance or as a second instrument

Ultra-compact, lightweight, ideal for the on-the-go observer

For the observation of the planets, the Moon, the Sun and terrestrial

Optical tube only with collars and adapter plate for photographic tripod

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All about the Sky-Watcher 80/400 telescope

The 80mm Sky-Watcher telescope provides brighter images, 30% more light, than a 70mm telescope. Discover the rings of Saturn floating around the planet or the Galilean satellites near Jupiter. Dotted with many easily observable craters, the Moon is highly detailed and remains a prime target. The sun, with a suitable solar filter, reveals sun spots on its surface.

The optics are made up of two achromatic elements that correct a large part of the chromaticity. The use of multilayer coatings on the lenses increases light transmission compared to competitive models. The optical system of refracting telescopes does not have a secondary mirror, guaranteeing greater contrast than telescopes of equivalent diameter. Ultra-compact and portable, the 80/400 is very interesting for nomadic astronomy and for ground observation. The telescope can also be used as a second instrument for astrophotography (parallel auto-guidance).

ATTENTION ! The focus distance is far behind the focuser. Focusing is only achieved with a distance of around 40mm. Therefore the addition of an extension tube (classic or photo) or a 90º or 45º diagonal is essential.

The tube is only strained with the rings, kodak screw and adapter plate on photographic tripod.

Items delivered

1 Sky-Watcher 80/400 telescope

2 clamps

1 Kodak bracket on top of one of the mounting rings and photo tripod adapter plate

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