Sky-Watcher SynGuider II Auto Guidance Camera

Sky-Watcher SynGuider II Auto Guidance Camera

Guidance system (without computer)

Fixing M42 thread or adapter 31.75 mm

Great for beginners

Very compact and lightweight

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To significantly improve your shooting, Auto Guidance is an almost essential solution, even for the best photos. However, this solution requires a setup that beginners may have a hard time mastering.

Sky-Watcher offers a simple and efficient solution, called SynGuider II, thanks to a CCD camera that does not require the use of a PC. In fact, the camera includes a program that allows automatic calibration and provides the correct corrections to your mount without the help of the user. Just point the camera (using an optional guide viewfinder) at a bright star. A screen on the back of the sensor shows the result (guide star) and the parameters used by the controller.

Typically, the SynGuider II can guide a star of magnitude 8.5 maximum, under the following conditions: 80mm diameter telescope, 500ms exposure time, in good conditions of transparency and turbulence. A lens with a diameter of at least 80mm will allow you to reduce your exposure time with the SynGuider II. The optimal focal length is between 400mm and 1200mm.

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