Equatorial Sky-Watcher Mount EQ8-RH (Renishaw Encoders in AD) Without Tripod

Equatorial Sky-Watcher Mount EQ8-RH (Renishaw Encoders in AD) (TRIPOD NOT INCLUDED)
New version of the EQ8 equatorial mount
Less periodic error with belt drive
Improved connectivity and less cable clutter
Load capacity 50 kg (tube up to 406 mm)
EQ8-RH version with absolute encoder on the AD axis
Recíbelo en 8/10 días Laborales



The larger frame of the Sky-Watcher brand evolves with the EQ8-R version. This -RH version with a high resolution encoder in the straight axis of ascension enables unguided imaging. Equipped with a 50kg capacity, this new EQ8-R is perfect for stationary installations, allowing it to support 350mm (C14) and 400mm (16 '') instruments.

Designed for astrophotography

This is the mount expected by many hobbyists who want to use instruments larger than 254-305mm, the current limit of the famous EQ6 (NEQ6 / EQ6-R / AZ-EQ6). Based on the same construction, the EQ8-R has an automatic pointer (SynScan), a dual axis motorization and a wide dovetail in Losmandy format. Thanks to its huge tripod (almost 30 kg) easily foldable, vibrations are quickly dampened ensuring perfect stability of the set. Adjustable in height from 75cm to 1m, it allows you to position the mount at a perfect height, whether you use a Newton or Cassegrain telescope.

Its very attractive price, incomparable with supports of the same load capacity, offers a versatile solution to users looking for a support both for visual with a large diameter instrument and for astrophotography. Like the previous series, the EQ8-R has a tracking that allows long exposure astrophotography sessions on dimmer objects. An autoguidance port is available as standard to significantly reduce the periodic error in right ascension (not essential on the EQ8-RH version).

Massive, the head alone weighs no less than 25 kg, inviting the user to place it in a fixed position. However, it is still transportable by 1 person. There are two handles on the sides for a good grip during transport and assembly. The visual observer will appreciate the GOTO SynScan auto pointer system delivered via easy-to-use hand control.

New features

The innovations of the EQ8-R version are as follows compared to the previous version:

Enhanced connectivity with 4 USB3.0 ports and 3 auxiliary ports.

2-axis belt drive for better tracking and less noise.

A cable management system to reduce tangles.

Improved motor installation position for easier balancing.

Modified Losmandy dovetail clamp screw to provide increased clamping force.

For the EQ8-RH version, presence of a Renishaw encoder on the AD axis for a near zero periodic error.

Measured periodic error less than +/- 3 '' of arc

Measured periodic error less than +/- 0.5 '' of arc

EQ8-RH version

The EQ8-R version offers very good quality tracking that meets the demand of many astrophotographers. The -RH version, with the Renishaw encoder (known for its excellent quality) offers near perfect tracking. With a very good station atmosphere, you can make exposures without a guide, a significant advantage for a surprising final image quality. The Renishaw encoder is an absolute (very high resolution) encoder that tells the EQ8-RH's on-board computer the difference between the motion given by the mounting motors / encoders and the actual "mechanical" motion. It measures faults (mainly periodic errors) directly on the shaft with formidable precision.

Go-To Automated Signaling System

After calibration (setup) with the Pole Finder on Pole Star, select the one, two or three star mount alignment. More than 49,200 objects, whose main catalogs are registered in the database (Messier, NGC, IC as well as the planets, the Moon and the Sun). For maximum comfort, the frame moves quickly, up to 3.4 ° / sec using manual control. Easy to use, it helps to quickly point the instrument to any galaxies, nebulae, clusters or objects in the solar system. Discover in detail the famous Andromeda galaxy, the fabulous curtains that surround the heart of Orion, the Hercules cluster M13 and its heart rich in thousands of stars. Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon are also wonders to be deeply examined.

The indication on the control knob of the date, time and place of observation combined with the "Tour" function allows the EQ8-R mount to target the most interesting objects for an entire night. Take a guided tour of the sky from your observation point by clicking the "Enter" button according to the object presented in a drop-down list. Aiming accuracy can be up to 1 arc minute to compensate for errors.


Guiding speed 0.125x, 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x

Mount Type German Equatorial

Counterweight 2x10 kg

Motor-driven 0.9 ° Hybrid Stepper Motor Dual Shaft Motor with Go-To Auto Pointer

Resolution: 0.03 arc / sec (44 million steps)

Rotation speed Maximum up to 3.7 ° / sec (0.5x to 800x)

Latitude adjustment from 10 ° to 65 °

Azimuth adjustment +/- 10 °

GOTO system SynScan hand controller with 42,900 objects from common celestial catalogs

Tracking mode: Sidereal, Lunar or Solar

Function: Park, Synchronization, Backlash, Identification, Tour, PEC ...

Ailigning accuracy Up to 1 arc minute

Polar alignment By software or optional polar finder

Remote control Via SynScan Pro app for Windows / iOS / Android or Via optional Wi-Fi dongle

Connectivity 4 USB3.0 ports, 3 auxiliary ports (per pair RJ10 / RJ12 / RJ45) APN activation port

Counterweight 2 x 10 kg counterweight, including Counterweight Bar: 2.6 kg

Tripod (NOT INCLUDED) Tubular steel tripod, column version with variable height (75 cm to 100 cm)

Tripod weight (NOT INCLUDED) 31 kilograms

Shipping weight 3 boxes:  28kg + 11kg + 11kg

Shipping dimensions 66x61x71 cm3; 24x13x26 cm3; 24x13x26 cm3

Power Supply  Cigarette lighter cord supplied 11-16 V DC - 4.5 A / 55 W. Main power supply or optional battery pack

Payload capacity 50 kg

Equalizer tracking modes


1 German Equatorial Mount EQ8-RH Pro Go-To

1 SynScan Go-To hand controller

2 counterweights of 10 kg

1 power cord, cigarette lighter plug

1 female Losmandy type dovetail

1 transport case for the frame

User manual

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