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Sky-Watcher UWA 23mm 82 ° (50.8) Eyepiece

Sky-Watcher UWA 23mm 82 ° (50.8) Eyepiece
23mm ultra-wide focal length eyepiece for low magnification viewing
High quality 7 lens optical construction
82 ° of apparent field, 12mm minimum comfortable eye relief
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General presentation of eyepieces

Eyepieces are the essential complement to any astronomical instrument. They are the ones that ensure the enlargement of the image, the optical tube being just a simple light collector. The image produced at the focal point by a telescope or a refracting telescope is tiny. To be able to observe it with the eye, it is therefore necessary to enlarge it with a magnifying glass: the eyepiece.

You should always adapt the magnification to the star you are trying to observe: a high magnification to observe the planets, a lower magnification to observe deep sky objects. Equally important is to adapt the magnification according to the conditions of transparency and turbulence in the sky, it is useless to magnify too much when the conditions are bad, the images will not be better. Better a small, sharp image than a large, blurry, hard-to-focus image.

Features of the Sky-Watcher UWA 82 ° range

To meet the demands of visual observers, Sky-Watcher has recently developed a range of high-quality eyepieces. With a complex design with 7 lenses and 82 ° of apparent field, the Sky Panorama UWA (Ultra Wind Angle - Ultra Wide Field) is the first manufacturer of telescopes in the world. For deep sky enthusiasts who want inexpensive, high-performance wide-field eyepieces, the UWA Sky-Watcher is a very good solution. Each lens has a multi-layer anti-reflective treatment for excellent light transmission.

This optical design allows correcting field and chromatic distortions and adapting to all types of instruments (reflector, refractor and retro-reflector) with a 31.75mm or 50.8mm sliding focus system for 23mm ones. The apparent field is therefore very important and reaches 82 °! Enjoy your observations for longer on a non-motorized instrument, the object travels the field of your eyepiece 2.7 times slower than an eyepiece open at 50 °.

User comfort is also enhanced with at least 12mm eye relief. This means that the image remains comfortable up to a distance of 12 mm above the eyepiece: this is an important detail for people who wear prescription glasses, who will be able to keep their glasses making the most of the offered field. through the eyepiece.

The black and gold design makes the UWA Sky-Watcher particularly stylish. All 3 models (7/15 / 23mm) have a rotating windscreen that limits stray light from the instrument. A kit of 3 eyepieces + a hard case with pre-cut foam is available

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