AD Sky-Watcher motor with control for EQ3-2

AD Sky-Watcher motor with control for EQ3-2
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After mounting an equatorial mount, the axis of Right Ascension (AD) is parallel to the axis of rotation of the Earth. To follow celestial objects for a day, it is enough to make a complete revolution on this axis in 24 hours, rotating in the opposite direction to the rotation of the Earth. This is the whole advantage of the equatorial mount over the azimuth mount. For this we usually use the wheel or the fine displacement hose, but it is possible to fully automate the rotation by means of a motor that is controlled with a racket.

Sky-Watcher offers a motor that naturally rotates at sidereal speed (one revolution in 24 hours) but movements are possible in both directions with manual control, at different additional speeds for aiming, guiding, etc. The power supply is 6V, through a battery box (4 LR20 batteries, not included). It is possible to supply the kit with other optional solutions (220V / 6V transformer, battery pack, etc.).

This model is designed to be mounted exclusively on EQ3-2 / NEQ3-2 type brackets.

1 motor

1 motor mount for EQ3-2 mounting

1 hand control

1 battery box (batteries not included)

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