Go-To Sky-Watcher Controller for EQ6 / NEQ6 Hand Controller

Go-To Sky-Watcher Controller for EQ6 / NEQ6 Hand Controller
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This SynScan GoTo control knob will allow you to upgrade your Syntrek mount to a Go-to mount or change the contoller if the old one is broken or old.

Go-To Automated Signaling System

After calibration (setup) with the Pole Finder on Pole Star, select the one, two or three star mount alignment. More than 49,200 objects, whose main catalogs are registered in the database (Messier, NGC, IC as well as the planets, the Moon and the Sun). For maximum comfort, the frame moves quickly, up to 3.4 ° / sec using manual control. Easy to use, it helps to quickly point the instrument to any galaxies, nebulae, clusters or objects in the solar system. Discover in detail the famous Andromeda galaxy, the fabulous curtains that surround the heart of Orion, the Hercules cluster M13 and its heart rich in thousands of stars. Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon are also wonders to be considered without moderation.

The indication on the controller of the date, time and place of observation combined with the "Tour" function allows your SynScan GoTo mount to target the most interesting objects for a whole night. Take a guided tour of the sky from your observation point by clicking the "Enter" button according to the object presented in a drop-down list. After selecting the object you want to photograph or observe, it is close to the center of the field ... a real treat!

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