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Mount equatorial NEQ5 Skywatcher

Mount equatorial NEQ5 Skywatcher
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All about the Sky-Watcher NEQ5 mount

The Sky-Watcher NEQ5 equatorial mount is a versatile mount, worthy of the legendary Vixen GP. Very modular, it is possible to add several options depending on whether it is intended for observation or photography: motorization, Goto automatic aiming kit, polar finder, etc. Its load capacity is close to 9 kg in visual observation; Therefore, the NEQ5 will support many optical tubes, from the small 80mm telescope to the Newton telescope up to 200mm in diameter.

In photography, we will limit the load to 7.5 kg, for greater comfort and precision. Like all equatorial mounts, the NEQ5 is equipped with a set of motion in azimuth and latitude (for parking), and a set of motion in right ascension and declination to point and track the stars.

Azimuth and Altitude Adjustment Axes of the Sky-Watcher NEQ5 Stand

The adaptation of the optical tube is carried out by means of a female Vixen dovetail. An accessory tray ensures good rigidity of the assembly. The NEQ5 mount can receive a polar finder (option) on the polar axis to quickly achieve station setup. The visual observer will appreciate the GOTO SynScan automatic aiming system (optional) delivered via an easy-to-use hand control. In fact, it is not necessary to know the position of distant stars or stars in the deep sky, the Go-To system of the NEQ5 mount takes care of moving the instrument towards the target you want to observe.

Features Sky-Watcher NEQ5 Equatorial Mount

Mount NEQ5 German Equatorial Mount

Powered on one axis (optional) or two axes (optional) Possible addition of a Pro Go-To kit (optional)

Load capacity 9 kg

Optimal load capacity in astrophotography: 7.5 kg

Tripod Tubular steel tripod adjustable in height (71cm to 123cm)

Assembly Weight: 6 kg

Tripod: 3.8 kg

Counterweight 2 5 kg counterweights included

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