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Mount EQM-35 PRO GOTO SkyWatcher

Mount EQM-35 PRO GOTO  SkyWatcher

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SkyWatcher's EQM-35 is the main evolution of the NEQ3-2 small equatorial mount. Although it evolved, the latter suffered from limited astrophotographic use. Sky-Watcher evolves by judiciously using the modularity of its two transportable little sisters, the Star Adventurer and the Star Adventurer Mini, from which it inherits some of its photographic accessories.

The result is a highly modular mount, usable as a classic equatorial mount or as a photographic equatorial mount whose possible configurations are identical to those of the Star Adventurer range. The great advantage is its maximum load capacity of 10 kg that allows you to load optical tubes like the Newton 150/750 or even the Newton 200/1000 in visual use. It can also be loaded with a 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain or a 120mm telescope. From a photographic point of view, such a load gives a lot of freedom, including the ability to install large professional cameras or telephoto lenses with a long focal length, with careful balance.

To make the head decline detachable, the right riser has undergone impressive design stretch and has grown in diameter and strength, with more massive bearings than the EQ3-2. As a direct result, the drive gear increases from 130 to 180 teeth, which improves tracking accuracy.

The highlight of the EQM-35 is its ability to transform into a photographic equatorial mount. Sky-Watcher engineers had a good idea to keep the possibility of repositioning a conventional declination axis. Once the declination axis has been removed and the alternative Vixen-type female dovetail installed, the same options are available as on Star Adventurer frames: installation of a photographic spherical plate, an autoguide system, an L-mount bracket with or without counterweight bar, etc.

Whatever the configuration, use of the provided polar finder is fully preserved.

The EQM-35 in classic configuration:

The classic configuration of the EQM-35 is that of a standard equatorial mount, equipped with its two axes of motion, right ascension and declination. It can accept all optical tubes, in the normal way, thanks to a female Vixen dovetail.

The EQM-35 in photo settings:

The original configuration of the EQM-35 is that of a photographic equuatrial mount, like the Star Adventurer mounts, without a declination axis. An alternate female dovetail replaces and attaches, for example, a male dovetail with an optional congressional tilt screw (3/8 "). All Star Adventurer mount accessories are compatible.

Go-To auto-alingning system:

The Sky-Watcher EQM-35 Modular Equatorial Mount is equipped as standard with a Goto automatic aiming system, equipped with an original control box to manage both the classic and photo mount settings. Disassembly of the declination axis, and therefore the motor associated with it, does not impede the monitoring and guidance functions in AD. Of course, in the absence of a Dec motor, Goto pointing is disabled.

In its Goto configuration, the EQM-35 mount is called the EQM-35 Pro.

Specifications MOUNT

Mount: Modular German equatorial mount, removable declination axis. Powered by Goto SynScan kit

Load capacity: 10 kg

Counterweight: 2 counterweights are offered. 3.4 kg in total

Tripod: Height adjustable tubular steel tripod (71cm to 123cm)

Weight of the elements Mount: 4.4 kg (in classic mode), 3.3 kg (in equatorial photo mode) Tripod: 5.7 kg

Right Ascension (RA): 92.5mm diameter sprocket with 180 teeth + 25.5mm diameter bisinfin

Declination (DEC): 34.3 mm diameter sprocket with 65 teeth + 25.5 mm diameter bisinfin

System Go to: SynScan with 42,900 standard celestial catalog objects

Tracking mode: Sidereal, Lunar or Solar, in EQ or AZ mode, single or double axis.

Functions: Park, Synchronization, Backlash, Identification, Tour ...

Usable latitude range: 15 ° to 65 °. Polar finder included.

Power supply: 12V DC, 3A minimum

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