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Mini Pc Intel Celeron J4125 12Gb ddr4 256Gb SSD for astronomy

Given the lack of supply in the market of generic control systems for telescopes, the idea of ​​using Mini PCs as an option to Asiair Plus and Pegasus is gaining strength among many users, including myself.

The advantages are obvious:

- The possibility of being able to use any camera on the market and not having to surrender to the high price of brands like ZWO that offer the same sensors 40% more expensive than other brands.

- The possibility of being able to use any accessory such as filter wheels, focusers, rotators, etc. simply by installing the corresponding drivers

- The possibility of using programs for windows such as N.I.N.A, stellarium, ASTAP, ATP, Sharpcap Pro, PHD2, and endless high-quality programs that we sacrifice when we have to use dedicated systems

- The ease of adaptation in the sense that we do not have to relearn another complex program or application, we use the ones we already know

- Regarding the performance of these devices regarding software and hardware, we are comparing a quad core of the PRO version of asiair with 4 gb of ddr4 ram at 1.5ghz and 32gb of external memory MicroSD against a ventilated quad core at 2.0 ghz with turbo mode up to 2.7 ghz and with 12gb of ddr4 and 250Gb of solid hard disk SSD, in this version, for 25% less than the value of asiair. The figures are obvious.

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Entrega entre 12 y 18 días laborables

Amateur and professional amateur astronomers are in luck with the new batch of Mini PCs that mount Intel Celeron Gemini J4125 and Intel Celeron Jasper Lago N5105 processors

Thanks to these inexpensive, extremely powerful processors, we will be able to move all our astronomy equipment with absolute ease, regardless of the many accessories that we have connected.

It has 2 high-speed USB2.0 ports and 2 high-speed USB3.0 ports.

2 HDMI and 1 VGA inputs to connect a simple and portable external monitor that, together with a wireless mouse, will allow us to handle it without any problem

There are 3 connection modes for the Mini PC that I know of

1- Connect a touch screen using an HDMI and a USB2.0 port and you can type and navigate without problem

2- Connect a screen simply by hdmi and a mouse by bluetooth using the windows option "On-screen keyboard" to write

     Note: Go to Start, then select Settings > Accessibility > keyboard and turn on the Show On-Screen Keyboard button.

3- Connecting the MINI PC remotely via internet with a laptop or a tower at home using the TeamViewer program that connects directly when you start windows if configured correctly

Sure there are more methods but these are the simplest.

As for the internet connection, the MiniPC has 2.4 GHz + 5GHz dual-band WiFi and 1000Mbps Ethernet to easily connect to the home Wi-Fi network or to a Mobile network (created with the Android phone) Also, if there are connection problems is as simple as connecting the mobile and sharing the internet via USB. Keep in mind that the cost of mobile internet if you are not working remotely is minimal, plate resolution, stellarium and a little more.

It must be said against it that it does not have the possibility of powering devices that consume a lot of amperage, it supports without any problem the tracking camera, the focuser, the filter wheel and the touch screen if that was the chosen display option. However, using a 3-port USB multiplier to have two more ports is not a bad decision, so connect the mouse and the internet for example, although dedicated peltier-cooled cameras usually have a Hub with two auxiliary ports that are great for tracking and mouse for example.

Another inconvenience is the attachment to the telescope since these devices have not been designed precisely for this, we recommend using extra-strong 3M Gel double-sided tape on the top of the MINI Pc so as not to cover the fan grills that are on the base and stick it to a clamp type Article number: TSPKV or TSPKArca if we have a vixen connection at the top of the tube or Article number: TSPKL8 if we have a Losmandy connection

As for power, we have on the website the PIERRO ASTRO 12V POWER SUPPLY CENTER, article number 58295, which will allow us to connect several devices to current, including the MINIPC itself.

Comes pre-installed with windows 11 Version 1: integrated English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian

CPU: Intel Gemini upgrade lagoJ4125, 4 core threads, Main Frequency 2.0GHz up to 2.7GHz, 4M Cache

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 600 GPU 200MHz up to 750MHz; Support 4096*2160 @ 60Hz


Storage: 256 GB SSD And you can mount a hard drive up to 2tb SSD separately

Support Dual HDMI and VGA Three-Display Output(Clone or Extend)

2.4GHz + 5GHz dual-band WiFi and 1000Mbps Ethernet, fast and stable network access

The mini pc includes the computer, power supply, 1 meter hdmi cable and support for wall anchoring.

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