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ZWO ASI Mono astro ASI294MM Pro Cooled Camera - Sony D-23.2mm Sensor

ZWO's cooled MONO PRO camera has built-in state-of-the-art SONY IMX492 sensor, a highly sensitive astronomical camera not only for deep sky photography.

♦ Sensor: Sony 4/3" CMOS Mono Sensor IMX492 - "Back-illuminated" Sensor

♦ Sensor diagonal 23.2 mm - measured by ZWO

♦ 4144 x 2822 pixels with a pixel size of 4.63 µm (2x2 binning): very sensitive to light

♦ 8288 x 5644 pixels with a pixel size of 2.32 µm (ungrouped): extremely high resolution

♦ Powerful Peltier cooling up to 35°C below ambient temperature

♦ Short download time via USB 3.0 - can also be used with USB 2.0

♦ Built-in AR protection filter: full transmission even in the infrared

♦ Connections: T2, 1.25" and 2" available

♦ Extra screwed front panel now camera body can no longer be unscrewed by mistake

♦ Extremely high sensitivity, the QE goes up to around 90%. After just 30 seconds, it has captured images of faint galaxies and nebulae.

♦ USB 2.0 connection for filter wheels, autoguider or USB focuser

♦ Full Well Capacity 66 ke / 14Bit - even bright stars don't burn out anymore.

♦ DDR Memory Buffer 256 MB - cache for more stable data transport - also minimizes amp glare with USB2.0 (characteristic of new PRO versions)

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

ZWO ASI294MC Pro - Cooled Color CMOS Camera for Deep Sky Photography

ASI cameras stand for very good workmanship and have modern CMOS sensors built in. This camera uses the modern "back-illuminated" Sony IMX294CJK sensor in four-thirds format.

Sony itself specifies a sensor diagonal of 21.63 mm. However, ZWO measurements have resulted in a true diagonal of 23.2mm. The ZWO ASI294MC's 4.3 µm pixels make this camera an all-rounder with maximum sensitivity for short exposure times.

The "single shot" color camera offers more convenience than MONO cameras. Not everyone wants to go through the complex L-RGB process to get beautiful shots of colored fog. Color cameras give you the opportunity to get great pictures without changing the filter. However, good broadband anti-fog filters (see recommended accessories) reduce stray light and increase contrast without having to change them or color the image too much.

Product benefits and features of the ASI MC294MCPro Color Camera:

♦ USB 3.0 for fast download - can also be used with USB 2.0

♦ DDR3 memory buffer for stable data transfer with USB2.0: Minimizes amp glare caused by slower data transfer with USB2.0.

♦ Powerful Peltier cooling up to 35°C below ambient temperature

♦ 23.2mm diagonal sensitive CMOS sensor: 11.7 megapixels

♦ Good resolution thanks to 4.63 µm pixels

♦ Supplied with AR clear glass filter - full transmission even in infrared. If IR is to be blocked, an IR cut filter is required.

♦ Distance of connection thread T2 (internal thread) to the camera sensor: 17.5 mm

♦ Very high sensitivity - QE greater than 75% - ideal astronomical camera for faint objects

♦ 14-bit ADC

♦ HCG mode: When the gain (preamp) is greater than 120 (12 dB), the readout noise is reduced below 2 e-. Result: Despite extremely high sensitivity, you get low-noise images.

♦ Full Well Capacity 63700e: Even bright stars no longer burn out, you get better signal-to-noise ratio.

Camera application areas:

♦ Deep sky recordings (nebulae and galaxies): Due to the high sensitivity, nebulae and galaxies are captured after a few seconds. The camera can be cooled down to 35°C below ambient temperature. This further reduces the already low noise level. By increasing the GAIN (comparable to the ISO setting on digital SLR cameras), you can reduce exposure times to less than 30 seconds. This eliminates effects caused by air turbulence or tracking inaccuracies.

♦ Lunar and planetary imaging: Extremely short exposure times due to high sensitivity freeze air turbulence. Due to the high resolution of the sensor, highly detailed images can be obtained even with a shorter focal length telescope. Video astronomy is also possible.

Important: external power supply required!

Please note that all ZWO cameras with cooler must be connected to an external 11-15V power supply to work.

Even when the cooler is not in use, power must be present for the camera to be recognized reliably.

TS Tip 1: 2" Filter Integration, 360° Rotation & Quick Coupling

The chamber is often used in concealers that do not offer a filter thread. Also, filters should always be used as close to the camera as possible. We offer you a solution that can do much more.

♦ 2" filter holder directly in front of the chamber

♦ 360° rotation for the correct selection of the image section

♦ Quick Disconnect - You can remove the camera from the telescope at any time without screwing or tangling cables

The adaptation is very simple, the 21 mm T2 extension is replaced by:

♦ 1x TSROTT2-T2 and 2x T2AbstimmA1

One tuning ring goes on the camera side, one tuning ring goes on the telescope side of the rotator. Then screw in the adapter M42-M48 with a length of 16.5mm and it will be at the correct distance with the camera.

TS Tip 2: Camera and Accessory Storage

Especially in our latitudes, the nights are usually very humid. This moisture condenses on your camera, eyepiece, or filter as they enter the warm interior of the apartment. Cold rooms in particular are affected. A photo session ends quickly because the sensor freezes.

Good storage is an important prevention against dew and also prolongs shelf life.

After use, put the camera into the TS Protect case and add some silica gel. During storage, the silica gel absorbs moisture from the chamber. At the same time, the penetration of moist ambient air is prevented. Due to dry storage, even small dry tablets can be partially regenerated with cooled chambers. Your camera or accessories are always ready for you in optimal conditions. You can find the silica gel and the case in our product recommendations.

Downloads, drivers:

ZW Optical provides software and drivers online for free download.

Software and drivers for all ZWO cameras

ZWO Cameras FAQ:

ZWO constantly updates the FAQ area, here you can find answers to many questions.

FAQ about ZWO cameras

ZWO Users Forum

Instructions for ZWO products:

ZWO constantly updates the page, here you can find instructions for ZWO products.

Link to the manuals

How do I clean my ZWO camera?

ASI chamber and regenerating desiccant tablets: Please click here.


Sensor: 4/3” CMOS Sony mono IMX492 - back illuminated
Resolution: 11.7 megapixels, 4144*2822 (2x2 Binning)
Resolution: 46.8 megapixels, 8288*5644 (1x1 Binning)
Pixel size: 4.63 µm (2x2 Binning), 2.32 µm (1x1 Binning)
Sensor size: 19.1 mm x 13.0 mm - 23.2 mm diagonal
Exposure time: 32 µs to 2000 s
Maximum fram rate at full resolution: 16.3 fps
QE: up to 90%
Full Well: approx. 66 ke-
Readout noise: 1.2 to 7.3 e-
ADC: 14 bit
Sensor protection: Protective AR glass
Cooling: Peltier cooling up to 35 °C below ambient
Software demands: USB 3.0 should be supported by operating system
Cache: 256 MB DDR3 cache
Telescope connection: T2, 2" and 1.25"
Distance T2-thread (female) to sensor: 17.5 mm (6.5 mm without adapter)
Dimensions: 78 mm diameter and 73.5 mm length (without 4 mm male T2 thread)
Weight: 410 grams
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