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ZWO MONO astro ASI 6200MM Pro cooled camera, chip D- 43.3mm

Cooled USB 3.0 full-frame mono astronomical camera with a powerful 24x36mm sensor for world-class astrophotography

♦ Powerful and controlled Peltier cooling up to 35°C below ambient temperature

♦ Sony IMX455 (24x36mm) full frame sensor with 61.2 megapixels

♦ High resolution with 3.76 µm pixels

♦ Maximum quantum efficiency of 91%!

♦ 16-bit ADC: dynamic range like a CCD sensor for more gradations

♦ No more annoying amp glow

♦ Anti-dew heater already installed

♦ Working distance of only 17.5 mm from the M54x0.75 female thread

♦ Light weight of only 700 grams: does not overload the focuser

♦ USB 3.0 for fast data transfer

♦ DDR3 buffer for stable data transfer

♦ Extensive scope of supply with adapter rings

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

ASI 6200MM Pro - Full Frame CMOS Professional Black & White Camera

The ZWO ASI6200MM Pro is a full-frame camera for astrophotographers who expect first-class results. The sensor has a dynamic range similar to that of a CCD sensor, with a much higher sensitivity. The camera can be used with all well-corrected telescopes and is really light at only 700 grams.

Link to a detailed test and experience report: ASI_6200MM_Pro_en.pdf

Full frame and high resolution.

The Sony IMX455 sensor offers a true full format with dimensions of 24x36mm and a diagonal of 43.3mm. With 3.76 µm pixels, even the smallest details can be resolved, for example in the arms of galaxies. A gigantic field and high resolution: that's what this camera with the 62 MP sensor offers.

back lighting technology

Sony's back-illuminated CMOS image sensor improves sensitivity and noise reduction, key factors in improving image quality, while radically realigning the basic pixel structure from front to back exposure. The advantages of CMOS image sensors, such as low power consumption and high operating speed, have been retained.

Postexposure improves light capture while increasing the amount of light. This enables significantly shorter exposure times and leads to improved quantum efficiency of up to 91%, an extreme value for astronomical cameras with CMOS sensors.

Sony has developed a unique photodiode structure and on-chip lens optimized for back-illuminated structures, resulting in higher sensitivity and lower non-light random noise by reducing noise, dark current, and defective pixels compared to traditional structure with front lighting.

No amp glow

Conventional CMOS sensors produce a faint source of infrared light during operation, which can often be seen in the corners of uncalibrated images as a telltale sign of "amplifier brightness." Because the ASI6200MM Pro uses zero amp brightness circuitry, you don't have to worry about amp brightness or amp brightness even when using high-gain, long-exposure imaging.

Built-in anti-dew heater

The ASI6200 Pro comes with the polyimide heating element which can prevent any condensation issues.

The anti-dew heater, which fits completely into the protective glass, warms it up a bit to prevent condensation problems.

The power of the anti-dew heater is about 5W. It can be turned on and off in the software to save electricity.

Important: external power supply required!

Even in uncooled operation, this camera requires 1 amp, which poses a problem for USB sockets on computers, as they are only designed for 900mA, i.e. 0.9A.

Therefore, stable operation of the camera is only possible with an external 12V power supply.

Possible configurations for a working distance of 55 mm

There are several ways to combine the ASI6200 with an off-axis guide and/or filter change system. You can find a detailed description of the different variants in this PDF file: ASI6200 Configurations

Optimum support before and after the purchase by Teleskop-Service:

We work with the cameras ourselves and can offer you the best possible advice. Which camera fits your telescope, how do you achieve the optimal fit? Teleskop-Service is one of the largest ZWO dealers. Thanks to our contacts, we also offer the best possible service after the purchase.

TS Tip 1: 2" Filter Integration, 360° Rotation & Quick Coupling

The chamber is often used in concealers that do not offer a filter thread. Also, filters should always be used as close to the camera as possible. We offer you a solution that can do much more.

♦ 2" filter holder directly in front of the chamber

♦ 360° rotation for the correct selection of the image section

♦ Quick Disconnect - You can remove the camera from the telescope at any time without screwing or tangling cables

The adaptation is very simple, the adaptation of 21 mm from M54 to M48 is replaced by:

♦ TSM54a-m48i, TSROTM48-M48 and M48AbstimmA05

The TSM54a-M48i adapter screws onto the camera. Then comes the Rotator TSRot... turn. The 0.5 mm adjustment ring is placed between the adapter M48-M48 with a length of 16.5 mm, which is included in the scope of supply, and is already at the correct distance to the camera.

TS Tip 2: Camera and Accessory Storage

Especially in our latitudes, the nights are usually very humid. This moisture condenses on your camera, eyepiece, or filter as they enter the warm interior of the apartment. Cold rooms in particular are affected. A photo session ends quickly because the sensor freezes.

Good storage is an important prevention against dew and also prolongs shelf life.

After use, put the camera into the TS Protect case and add some silica gel. During storage, the silica gel absorbs moisture from the chamber. At the same time, the penetration of moist ambient air is prevented. Due to dry storage, even small dry tablets can be partially regenerated with cooled chambers. Your camera or accessories are always ready for you in optimal conditions. You can find the silica gel and the case in our product recommendations.

Downloads, drivers:

ZW Optical provides software and drivers online for free download.

Software and drivers for all ZWO cameras

ZWO Cameras FAQ:

ZWO constantly updates the FAQ area, here you can find answers to many questions.

FAQ about ZWO cameras

ZWO Users Forum

Instructions for ZWO products:

ZWO constantly updates the page, here you can find instructions for ZWO products.

Link to the manuals

How do I clean my ZWO camera?

ASI chamber and regenerating desiccant tablets: Please click here.


Sensor: Sony IMX455 Mono
Sensorgröße: 24 mm x 36 mm - Diagonale 43,3 mm
Pixelanordnung: 9576x6388 Pixel - 61,2 MPixel
Pixelgröße: 3,76 µm
ADC: 16 bit
Kühlung: Leistungsstarke Peltierkühlung
Belichtungszeit: 32 μs bis 2000 s
Full Well: 51 ke
Ausleserauschen: 1,2 e bis 3,5 e
Empfindlichkeit: Peak 91 % QE
Zero ampglow design: Ja
Downloadzeit: 0,5 s bei USB 3.0
Strombedarf: 12 V, 3 A
Teleskopanschluss: M54x0,75 Innengewinde
Arbeitsabstand vom Innengewinde zum Sensor: 17,5 mm
Durchmesser: 90 mm
Gewicht: 0,7 kg
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