TS-Optics Imaging Star 80mm f/4.4 - 6 Element Flat Field APO Telescope

80mm fast apochromatic - f/4.4 with 352mm focal length - flat field of view thanks to built-in 3-element corrector.

♦ Triple FPL53 lens with air gap for pure color images.

♦ 3-element corrector for very good field correction.

♦ Built-in tilt mechanism for the best possible correction of stars over the entire field area.

♦ The camera is completely screwed down.

♦ Newly designed 2.5" rack and pinion focuser with gear reduction for maximum rigidity.

♦ Working distance 55 mm from the M48 thread connection (ideal for DSLR)

♦ If we unscrew the M48 extension sleeve, the working distance increases to 74 mm from the M48 thread for the adaptation of filter drawers, off-axis guides...

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TS Optics Imaging Star 80mm f/4.4 Flat Field Apo Telescope

Teleskop Service's IMAGING STAR apo-refractor telescopes have been developed for dedicated astrophotographers. The lens and corrector are optimally combined with each other for the best result on axis and in the field. This 80mm Imaging Star Apo offers tremendous light intensity at f/4.4. In direct comparison to an apo with f/6, you can achieve the same saturation with this apo with only half the exposure time.

The apo offers a well-corrected and illuminated field of view with a diameter of approximately 42mm. Noise can be kept very low thanks to moderate exposure times, which is especially beneficial for owners of uncooled DSLR cameras. Of course the Apo is also suitable for CCD cameras.

The advantages and features of the TS Imaging Star 80mm Apos product:

♦ 80mm aperture - bright f/4.4

♦ Triple lens with FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) for an image free of chromatic aberration

♦ Newly designed 2.5" rack and pinion focuser with 1:10 reduction for direct screwing into the camera

♦ Well corrected and illuminated field of view with 42mm diameter

♦ 360° rotation for optimal positioning of the object on the chip

♦ CNC tube clamps for optimal fixing

♦ Rugged aluminum case for transport and storage with room for accessories

♦ Retractable dew cap: overall length for transport only 400mm

The TS Imaging Star is an extreme telescope:

It is a technical challenge to build an 80mm aperture apophoto at this extreme light intensity of f/4.4 and also provide the astrophotographer with a 42mm image field. Precisely because of the extreme intensity of the light, we refrain from clamping, because clamping can always cause a slight tilt in the system, which then distorts the stars at the edge. Conclusion: Only a complete screw connection makes sense. Furthermore, to achieve even better field correction, we have installed a device for

Tilt for better edge stars

A tilting device at the end of the focuser allows you to achieve even better field correction. The slight tilt, also of the camera sensor, has an effect on the image with this extreme telescope. With the three tension screws and three pressure screws at the end of the telescope, you can achieve individual fine adjustment for truly excellent star sharpness from one end of the sensor to the other.

Detailed instructions are helpful, so we provide one: tilting_adapter.pdf

Connecting the camera to the telescope:

The camera is connected via the M48x0.75 thread or the M68 thread. The distance from the M48 thread to the camera sensor is exactly 55mm. Therefore, it has enough space for individual adaptations and for all cameras available on the market.

The 2.5" rack and pinion focuser:

The newly designed 2-5" R&P focuser holds even heavy cameras without tilting. It has been specially designed for photographic use. Adjustment is via a NON-offset rack. The knurled screw at the base locks the adjustment and thus ensures the perfect hold focus position for hours.You can also fix the position of the extension tube with a knurled screw on the top.

The focuser houses the 3-element corrector and has a ZEISS M68x1 level connection thread on the camera side. Included is the reduction to M48 and the M48 tilting device, all completely bolted on of course.

Two additional adapters are required for visual observation with the apo.

♦ The split adapter TSIS-M48

♦ The adapter and the diagonal star TSIS-ZS1

This gives you a short fit for 1.25" eyepieces and a 90° view for observing. The refractor is not designed for 2" eyepieces and star diagonals.


Aperture: 80 mm
Focal Length: 352 mm
Focal Ratio: f/4.4
Objective: 80 mm FPL53 APO lens, 3-element
Corrector: 3-element corrector permanently installed - diameter 48.5 mm
Focuser: 2.5" Rack and Pinion focuser
Weight: 3.5 kg (OTA with tube rings)
Dew cap outer diameter: 102 mm
Minimum tube length: 380 mm
Working distance: 55 mm from the M48 connection thread incl. 19 mm M48 extension or 74 mm without extension
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