TS-Optics 70mm f/5 Quadruplet Flatfield Apo with 3 Element FPL53 Lens

The 4-element apochromat with 70mm aperture and 350mm focal length was developed by Teleskop-Service for astrophotography.

♦ 70mm aperture / 350mm focal length

♦ Focal ratio f/5

♦ Fully illuminated and corrected image circle with a diameter of 45 mm - also suitable for full format

♦ Quad 4-element design with triple FPL53 lens for an image without chromatic aberration

♦ Corrector element is permanently installed in the tube

♦ 3" rack and pinion focuser with 1:10 reduction - suitable for accessories up to 6kg

♦ Camera connection via external thread M48x0.75 or internal thread M54x0.75

♦ 2" filter thread is integrated in the transition adapter to M48 for the connection of all commercially available 2" filters.

♦ Added 360° rotation for the right image section

♦ The extractor offers a tilting option.

♦ Working distance is 70mm from M48 thread and 76mm from M54 internal thread - inner extension position

♦ Extension range - 30mm

♦ Multifunctional carrying handle with photographic string

♦ Finder shoe for finders and mini guide scope

receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

The TS-Optics 70mm f/5 Flat Field Apo Refractor

The TS 70mm Quadruplet is an ideal travel telescope for astrophotography. Apochromat offers a fully illuminated and corrected field with a diameter of 45mm, making it also suitable for cameras with full-frame sensors. Color error is corrected with the FPL53 triple lens. The image is free of chromatic aberrations on axis and in the field.

Connecting cameras to the apo

On the camera side, the apo offers an external M48x0.75 thread. From this thread you have between 40mm and 70mm of distance to the focal plane, depending on the position of the draw tube. Therefore, it has enough space for all common astronomical cameras, SLRs and system cameras. If you unscrew the M48 adapter, you will get an M54x0.75 internal thread. You still get a 6.5mm optical path. A 2" filter thread is built into this adapter.

We offer matching T-rings for the M48 thread to connect DSLRs. If you want to use a camera with a T2 connection, we also offer the T2 transition adapter.

Connection of 2" nebula filters or L-RGB filters

With the TSFSLM48 filter drawer you can integrate 2" nebula filters and L-RGB filters. The drawer only requires an optical path of 18 mm. So you will not have focusing problems with astronomical cameras. For cameras with a longer working distance (DSLR with adapter for example) we offer a short bayonet adapter.

Visual observation through the 70mm TS quad

The quadruplet is a photo apo. Back focus is not sufficient for 2" or 1.25" star diagonals. The TSZPT2 T2 diagonal prism allows observation with 1.25" eyepieces. For the connection you need:

TSM5475-T2 ... Adapter from M54x0.75 to T2 male thread

TSZPT2 ... Diagonal prism T2

T2i-125 ... 1.25" eyepiece connection

The use of full-frame sensors (DSLR and CCD) is possible. The adjacent image of the M78 region and the Horsehead Nebula was taken through the 71mm apo and demonstrates its suitability for astrophotography. The 350mm focal length and well-corrected wide field are the basis for impressive wide field shots with higher resolution than typical telephoto shots.

The newly designed 3" R&P focuser holds even very heavy CCD cameras without tilting them. The focuser offers 360° rotation and a direct M48 connection and a M54x0.75 connection. This is also sufficient for large format cameras.

The 4 element optical system works more effectively than a conventional refractor and corrector combination. The optical elements are perfectly matched to each other.


Aperture: 70 mm
Focal ratio: f/5
Focal length: 350 mm
Optics: 4-element design in two groups
Lens: Triplet FPL53 lens with air gap
Correction: Fluoride glass corrector installed in the tube
Photographic field: 45 mm diameter fully corrected and illuminated
Focuser: 3" rack and pinion with dovetail ring and M48 connection - additional thread on the focuser M54x0.75 internal thread
Focuser travel: 30 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Length: 325 mm with retracted dew shield
Outside diameter of the dew shield: 103 mm
Working distance: Maximum possible working distance from the M48 external thread 70 mm - from the M54x0.75 internal thread 76 mm
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