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copy of TS-Optics APO refractor 106/700mm - FDC100 triple lens from Japan

Colorless triplet apo for astrophotography and observation with 2.5" RAP focuser - glass from Ohara, Japan

♦ 115mm aperture - 800mm focal length

♦ Focal ratio f/7

♦ Apo triplet lens with two special lenses (lanthanum glass and FPL51) - Ohara Japan - color correction comparable to FPL53 triplet lens

♦ The air-gap objective is mounted collimatable.

♦ 2.5” rack and pinion focuser: with ball bearings for the highest loads

♦ The focuser can be rotated 360°, the position is fixed by three knurled screws

♦ Retractable spray cap – transport length of only 71 cm

♦ Eyepiece side connection 2", 1.25" and female thread M68x1 for screw adaptations

♦ CNC tube rings, EQ5 style dovetail bar and dust caps are included in the scope of delivery

♦ A finder mount is included, alternatively a finder can also be attached to the tube rings using the TSS finder shoe.

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receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

TS Optics PHOTOLINE 115mm f/6.95 Apo Triplet Refractor Telescope

The PHOTOLINE apo triplet from Teleskop-Service offers an image that was previously only available with significantly more expensive refractors. Thanks to the perfectly manufactured lens, chromatic aberration is reduced to a non-disturbing minimum. The correction is better noticeable than that of comparable ED instruments.

The target is not cemented, but air-spaced. Of course it is adjustable. We compared the image quality and sharpness in the field with a similar instrument with a 110mm aperture and concluded that the visual and photographic quality is significantly better.

The advantages of the TS PHOTOLINE 115 mm Apo:

♦ High-class triplet lens with two special lenses: significantly better optical quality and color correction than simple FPL53 doublets.

♦ Retractable dew cap - therefore perfectly suitable for transport - transport length of only approx. 71cm!

♦ High quality 2.5" RAP focuser with 1:10 gear reduction for precise focus

♦ 360° focuser rotation

♦ Female thread M68x1 for screwed adaptations

♦ Remarkably better illumination than all comparable apochromatic telescopes with smaller 2" focusers - the APO can be used up to full frame.

♦ CNC machined tube rings, no plain aluminum casting

♦ The objective is mounted collimatable and temperature compensated. Cell will hold fit - ideal for transport

♦ Each of the apochromats is tested and perfectly adjusted on our optical bench before shipment. You get a tried and tested telescope.

Astrophotography with the PHOTOLINE 115mm apo

The apo is perfectly suited to astrophotography. The fast focal ratio enables short exposure times at high resolution. Extended nebulous regions can be imaged very well with the apo as small galaxies or planetary nebulae.

Left image: Cirrus Nebula - photographed with the Photoline 115mm Apo with the ATIK 383L+ camera - field corrected by TSFLAT2,5

We recommend the following correctors for the PHOTOLINE apo 115 mm:

TSFLAT2 - universal corrector without changing the focal length. The corrector simply snaps into the 2" receptacle. You can also attach the flattener unclamped via the M68A-M48a adapter. The working distance from the M48 thread to the camera sensor is 111mm. The corrector is ideal for DSLR cameras and CCD cameras with smaller sensors.

TSFLAT25Del - the older brother of the TSFLAT2. The corrector is designed for full-frame sensors and can be screwed onto the focuser's M68 female thread using the M68a-M63i adapter. The working distance from the M48 thread to the camera sensor is 55mm.

TSRED379: PHOTOLINE telecompressor reduces focal length to 632mm and improves aperture to f/5.53. The working distance from the M48 thread is 55mm (T adapter and DSLR camera). The reducer can be screwed directly to the female thread M68x1 of the apo.

Of course, correctors and adapters are linked in the accessories section.

The PHOTOLINE 115mm APO lens:

For maximum contrast, the triple lens is multi-coated on each air glass surface. It is mounted stress-free in a temperature compensated cell. The image is free from bothersome chromatic aberrations and allows for magnifications of up to 300x.

Even when photographing bright stars, no blue fringing will affect the impression of the image.

The lens, in this version, is made for Telescope Service. By using the two special glasses (Lanthanum and FPL51) a very good color error correction is achieved, in practice comparable to the correction of a triple lens FPL53.

The 2.5" RPA focuser

Ball bearing mounted focuser accommodates fixtures up to approx. 5 kg without tilting or slipping. Camera sensors up to full frame size are fully illuminated.

♦ The draw tube is moved by a rack and pinion system and is separated from the bearing section by ball bearings. Even under heavy loads, it can be operated smoothly with fine movements.

♦ Focuser offers 360° rotation.

♦ Through 1:10 double speed transmission, more precise focus is achieved.

♦ The focuser's M68x1 female thread allows for screw-in adaptations for astrophotography. We offer suitable adapters. Of course, a 2" and a 1.25" adapter are included.


Objective: hand-made, 115 mm f/7 apochromat
Elements: 3 lenses, air-spaced, fully coated
Glass: Triplet objective with two special glasses (FPL51 / Lanthanum glass)
Lens edges: Blackened against reflexes
Aperture: 115 mm
Focal length: 800 mm
Focuser: 2.5" RAP focuser with 360° rotation, female M68x1 female thread, 2" and 1.25" connection
Speeds: Micro transmission for precise focusing
Weight of the optical tube: 6.4 kg
Connection thread to the focuser on the tube: M113x1 female thread
Transport length with retracted dew cap: 710 mm
Astrophotography: Particularly well suited for astrophotography
Backfocus: 123 mm from 2" receptacle, 160 mm from the connection thread without receptacle
Tube material: High-quality aluminium tube
Tube diameter: 115 mm
Dew shield: Extendable dew cap with lock - transportation length only 710 mm
Clip-on diameter for solar filters: 140 mm
Dew-shield inner diameter: front 128 mm, rest 135 mm
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