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TS Optics 76mm f/5.5 Triplet Apochromatic Refractor

El triplete apo de alto rendimiento con apertura de 76 mm y distancia focal de 418 mm es un telescopio de viaje ideal y convence con una imagen de color puro.

♦ Apertura 76 mm

♦ Distancia focal 418 mm

♦ Relación focal rápida f/5.5

♦ Enfocador estable de 3" de doble velocidad que incluye rosca de conexión y receptáculo de 2" y 1,25"

♦ Rotación de 360° del enfocador

♦ Lente triple APO multicapa con dos elementos ED (similar a un triplete FPL53), sin aberración cromática

♦ Para los astrofotógrafos, hay disponible un corrector de fotograma completo de 0,82x.

♦ El soporte CNC con mango, la zapata de búsqueda y la barra de cola de milano estilo Vixen están incluidos en el alcance de la entrega

♦ El mango ofrece posibilidades de adaptación para guiar el telescopio o la cámara

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TS 76mm f/5.5 Triplet ED Apo

This apochromatic refractor is the ideal telescope for travel. The refractor is compact, even supported by good photographic tripods or compact mounts like the EQ3. Due to the well-corrected triplet objective, the refractor convinces with a clear and contrasty image, free from disturbing chromatic aberrations. Daytime use is just as possible as nighttime use under the starry sky.

Astrophotography with the apo

We have developed a 0.82x image field corrector for the TSAPO76. Screws directly to the focuser. The concealer is linked in the recommended accessories.

Attaching the TS 76mm apo to photographic mounts and tripods

The CNC mount has a GP and EQ5 style dovetail bar at the base. You can attach the telescope to the corresponding saddles of mounts and travel mounts like the Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Matching saddle plates can be found in the accessories section. In addition, the dovetail bar also has a 1/4" photo tripod thread. So, like a telephoto lens, the apo fits directly onto any photo tripod.

The carry handle is a real multifunctional feature

The handle not only makes it easy to mount on the photo tripod, but is also the basis for future adaptations. The handle has a slotted hole and a 1/4" photo tripod thread. You can attach a ball head to it, for example, and mount a second camera in parallel. Next to the carrying handle is a finder shoe for finder scopes, mini guide scopes or red dot finders.

Observation with the TS APO76

Naturally, the pure color triplet lens also provides an excellent base for observation. The high contrast image ensures a flawless image during the day, for example when watching birds. At night, the 76mm aperture reveals crater scenery on the moon or exciting details on the planets of the solar system. Many thousands of deep-sky objects are also within range of the apo. You can use 1.25" and 2" accessories, such as 2" star diagonal mirrors.


Aperture: 76 mm
Focal length: 418 mm
Focal ratio: f/5.5
Objective: Air-spaced triplet objective with two ED elements
Weight: 3 kg with bracket
Focuser: 3" rack and pinion focuser with threaded connection and 2" / 1.25" receptacle
Focusing distance: 58 mm
Focus position: 150 mm behind "0" mark with focuser retracted
Dew shield diameter: 100 mm
Tube length: 333 mm (dew shield retracted)
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