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TS-Optics CF-APO 180mm f/7 Deluxe Triplet APO Refractor with test certificate

The largest CF-series apochromatic refractor is the entry into the world of large refractors with very good color correction

♦ 180mm aperture / 1260mm focal length / f/7 focal ratio

♦ Triple lens with FDC100 as APO element

♦ Broadband multi-compensation

♦ Stable tube with inner screens

♦ 4.2" ball bearing RAP focuser with 1:10 reduction system and 360° rotation

♦ Unscrewable extension between the tube and the focuser for the use of binocular accessories without compensation of the glass trajectory (length 95 mm)

♦ retractable dew cap

♦ Each Teleskop-Service 180mm CF-APO comes with a serial number and manufacturer's certificate. Also, we fully check each Apo before shipping.

♦ For apo, we offer an extra calculated 4" full frame 0.8x corrector, which improves the aperture ratio to f/5.6.

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TS CF-APO 180mm f/7 FDC100 triplet apo

This large Apo is a gem in any observatory. It is the largest apochromat in our CF series and one of the largest mass-produced apochromats in our range. Weighing 19kg, the Apo needs a stronger mount, such as Celestron's CGX-L, 10Micron's GM2000, or Skywatcher's EQ8.

Astrophotography with the TS CF-Apo:

The large 180mm CF APO with the 4.2" RAP focuser enables astrophotography at the highest level. All common 1.0x correctors can be attached to the focuser. With the optional, specially designed 180mm APO With the 0.8x calculated reducer/corrector, you get a perfectly corrected image field up to full frame at a fast f/5.6. This allows you to fully expose high resolution objects in just one night.The corrector is linked in the area of accessories.

The lens of the TS CF-APO

The high-performance air-gapped triple lens has two APO elements. One of them is FDC100, which is comparable to FPL53. The result is good color correction despite the relatively fast f/7 aperture. The lenses are of course adjustable and are optimally adjusted before shipment.

The mechanics of the TS CF-APO

The mechanics are just as important as the lens. The solid tube has internal screens for the best possible contrast. The 4.2" RAP focuser is designed for heavy loads and works without tilting. Of course, in addition to the threads for the correctors, the focuser also offers 360° rotation. The CNC tube rings are light and yet , stable.There is one on the base Losmandy style dovetail bar attached.


Aperture: 155 mm
Focal length: 1240 mm
Focal ratio: f/8
Lens: Triplet lens, air-spaced
Special glasses: FPL55 and lanthanum glass
Cell: Adjustable cell - reinforced
Coating: Multi-coating on every glass-air surface
Working distance: 140 mm from the 2" receptacle of the focuser
Connecting element focuser tube: Length 100 mm - removable - this extends the working distance to 240 mm.
Connectors eyepiece side: 1.25", 2", M63x1 female thread, M92x1 female thread
Focus travel: 100 mm
Tube diameter: 156 mm
Telescope length (min.): 1145 mm
Diameter dew shield: 186 mm
Dew shield travel: 190 mm
Weight of the optical tube: 13 kg
Outer dimensions transport case: 133 x 43 x 43 cm (LxWxH)
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